MTX Contracts Choose BCS for Hospital Doors – Project Update

BCS were excited to receive photographs of a newly-completed project in which more than 40 of our bespoke doors and doorsets were used. New Cross Hospital, located in Wolverhampton, is now benefiting from a modern extension to its busy A&E department and, in the words of a spokesperson from the hospital’s management staff, it looks fantastic…well done MTX!. We proudly share these images with you here.

MTX Contracts are a leading engineering and construction company whose focus is on healthcare-based projects. By consistently promoting the use of MMCs (Modern Methods of Construction) and purchasing materials from highly-renowned companies such as BCS, MTX Contracts have successfully built a hugely-impressive reputation for consistent quality and reliability.

Built originally in 1900 as an imposing workhouse, New Cross Hospital opened its doors in 1970. Since then, various additions have been made, including the UK’s first purpose-built centre for specialist heart and lung treatment. With over 700 beds and a staff of more than 5000, New Cross Hospital is the biggest teaching hospital in the West Midlands.

More than 40 bespoke doors were manufactured for the extension project, each built to the impeccable standards for which BCS are known. Our severe-duty particleboard core was faced with laminate and high-impact PVC protection sheets before PVC edge-guards were added.

Vision panels were included in the doors, each was glazed using clear fire rated glass, laminated for extra strength and ease-of-maintenance. Each panel was securely beaded using contrasting beech hardwood cloaking beads utilising our innovative flush-bead system which will help to prevent damage and extend service life.

Before being carefully conveyed to site, the hospital doors were secured in pre-primed, hardwood frames using class 13 satin stainless steel hinges, complete with architraves to facilitate installation.

It was fantastic to receive news that this project has been completed and we would like to congratulate MTX Contracts on the professional job they carried out using bespoke doors from BCS.

Ferry Fire in Greece – Investigation Reveals Shocking Truth

An investigation into the tragic recent fire on a car ferry has revealed that the vessel had been criticised by inspectors just days before it set sail. The ferry’s operator had been given until December 31st to repair the defects but it is currently unclear as to whether any of these concerns had been acted upon when the ship left Greece, heading for Italy, on December 28th 2014.

The car ferry, Norman Atlantic, had almost 500 people on board, most of whom were passengers. Shortly after setting sail, a fire on one of the internal car decks quickly got out of control, the flames and smoke of which forced passengers to flee to outer decks where they were battered by heavy rain and wind. Daring helicopter and lifeboat rescue missions managed to save most of the passengers and crew on board though there are at least 13 recorded fatalities and many people still unaccounted for.

The revelation that the vessel was condemned by inspectors has sent shockwaves throughout the world and it would seem that, in the extremely short time period between the inspection and the ship sailing, the many defects noticed could not have been adequately attended to: these defects included insufficient emergency lighting, life rafts and evacuation methods along with faulty fire doors. The investigation is continuing.

It cannot be stated more simply – fire doors help save lives. UK Law demands that all public buildings and workplaces have clear, effective fire safety regulations in place and fire doors form a key part of these regulations.

Bespoke Complete Services are competent specialists in the manufacture and supply of fire doors to a wide range of organisations from schools, hospitals and churches to hotels, private facilities and commercial and industrial premises.

Happy New Year from BCS!

Everyone at Bespoke Complete Services is looking forward to 2015 and the fresh projects, challenges and successes it is set to bring. The New Year is always a busy time as renovation projects begin or resume in earnest and BCS will continue with our constant commitment to the professional and consistent development, production and supply of bespoke doors and doorsets to a diverse array of building and renovation projects.

We specialise in providing bespoke doors, doorsets and bespoke fire doors of impeccable quality, all of which are officially and independently tested to ensure total compliance with every relevant health & safety specification. Pre-assembled to maximise efficiency and convenience, our bespoke doors and doorsets are quick and easy to install, providing a dramatic saving on labour costs.

The innovative and effective Strebord core that forms the base of our ‘Severe Duty’ rated bespoke doors provides incredible strength, functionality and safety, leading to their being selected for many high-profile construction and renovation projects in educational and medical establishments. We look forward to further improving and developing these doorsets in 2015.

The Safehinge, a patented device which prevents fingers from becoming trapped in doors, continued to grow in popularity throughout 2014 and is set to become even more widespread this year. More than 30,000 injuries, many serious, were reported in 2014 and the Safehinge seeks to reduce this shocking number in 2015.

We would like to wish our customers and staff a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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Bespoke Doorsets Supplied to Nelson & Colne College

Bespoke Complete Services have, in close collaboration with our client Barnfield Construction, produced and delivered in excess of 180 pre-hung doors sets and glazed screens as part of a 20m refurbishment programme at Nelson & Colne College. All of the bespoke fire doors and screens are now installed and fully operational, providing a safe, robust and highly-functional working environment for more than 1,500 full-time and up to 5,000 part-time students from the surrounding areas.

Nelson & Colne College was created in a shake-up of educational establishments in the 1970s and comprised several local sixth form classes. The college, through its growing reputation for success, has continued to increase in size and now offers a full complement of courses from GCSEs to National Diplomas and NVQs, as well as working closely with local businesses to create and monitor apprenticeship and trainee positions.

Barnfield Construction are one of the market-leading contractors offering a full range of construction and refurbishment services. Since 1976, when the company was established, Barnfield Construction have consistently delivered professional quality solutions for commercial, leisure, residential and industrial schemes alike. In order to maintain their impressive reputation, Barnfield Construction work with only the best product and service providers, among which BCS are proud to number.

All of our bespoke doors used in the refurbishment and reconstruction of Nelson & Colne College were created from quality American White Oak before being finished with a professional-grade veneer and coated twice with UV lacquer. Produced to satisfy the requirements of FD30, FD60 and 35dB acoustic performance specifications, many of the doors featured factory-glazed vision panels in a soft- and hardwood FR60 frame system; matching cloaking beads and loose planted stops completed these quality frames.

The bespoke doors were supplied pre-hung on class 13 s/s hinges to facilitate quick, simple and reliable installation. Matching hardwood screens were also provided in order to continue the sleek, modern aesthetic of the new college premises.

BCS were easily able to meet the tough logistical demands of such a large-scale project, ensuring that all doors were delivered exactly as requested and with strict adherence to punctuality. We will remain in contact with the various representatives of the companies and bodies involved with the Nelson & Colne College project, offering our dedicated aftercare service,

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Bespoke Doorsets Supplied to Pets Choice

The historic Pets Choice company, established for more than 130 years and successfully trading to this day, have recently modernised one of their massive manufacturing facilities. Located right here in Blackburn, the Pets Choice manufacturing plant chose to source the office doorsets for the refurbishment from Bespoke Complete Services, basing their decision on our impressive reputation, track record, qualifications and recommendations.

Pets Choice were established as a pet food supplier back in 1881 and now produce many well-known brands of dog and cat food such as Goodwyn’s and Webbox as well as a bespoke collection of goods on private label. The company commits to ensuring the highest levels of health, safety and quality for its staff and the recent refurbishment of the manufacturing facility is part of this dedication.

More than 100 pre-hung doorsets and factory-glazed screens were supplied to Pets Choice to facilitate their refurbishment. Naturally, the heights, widths and other aspects of these doors had variations to suit bespoke needs, though all were fabricated from black American walnut and were professionally finished with two coats of durable UV lacquer.

Some of the doors required integral vision panels which were supplied factory-glazed and ready to install. Secure and aesthetically-pleasing beads, also formed from American black walnut, were used for cloaking. The fire doors used in this extensive project, with ratings of FD60 & FD30, were given matching frames and screens.

The manufacturing facility is now once again fully-operational and our doorsets, which meet and/or exceed the requirements set out in all relevant quality specifications, are guaranteed to provide many years of low-maintenance service life.

Look out for more articles coming soon showing the inherent versatility and quality offered by our selection of bespoke fire doors, veneered doors, bespoke joinery and acoustic doors in site – be sure to subscribe to our regular newsletter for these and other important updates from BCS!

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Veneered Doors – Our Bespoke Service

Choosing to add a veneer to a door offers many benefits, from extra durability and enhanced aesthetics to a lowered carbon footprint. Veneered doors are installed extensively across a wide range of locations, from hotels and function suites to hospitals, offices and schools. Bespoke Complete Services are expert manufacturers and suppliers of veneered doors and can quickly and easily create the ideal solution for any given project.

Our talented team combine the latest technology with traditional, tried-and-trusted crafting methods to create our selection of bespoke doors. Starting with our innovative solid particleboard core, which has been extensively tested to ensure it adheres strictly to every specification set out by the industry, our bespoke doors are created to your exact standards, including a full complement of glazing options. We then apply one of six professional crown-cut veneers; each of these veneers has an attractive finish that is semi-matt in appearance.

The environmentally-conscious properties of our veneered doors make them the ideal product for businesses wishing to source sustainable timber; combined with the veneers, which display remarkable carbon-storing qualities, this means that our bespoke doors are the greenest possible choice.

One of our most popular veneered doors is the Ewood, which can be supplied to any bespoke size or shape and is available with unglazed or glazed vision panels. We are proud to supply this door at an extremely competitive price and with a rapid lead time in order to ensure your project can continue unhindered.

Fire doors are a specialty at Bespoke Complete Services and these products are guaranteed to fully comply with the legal specifications of the fire door industry. Results data are listed below.

Acoustic Test Result – Up to 35db rated

Fire Test Result – FD60 and FD30 grades

Mechanical Test Result – 500,000 cycles with no evident degradation of ironmongery (PAS32)

Class 4 Severe Duty Rating, the highest standard (DD171/BS EN 1192)

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Fire Doors Safety Week – Ideas Requested for 2015 Event

September 2014 saw the launch of Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW), the first in a series of planned yearly events raising awareness of the importance of fire doors and their correct installation and maintenance. Declared a great success by all concerned, the event will take place again in September 2015 and, although this is some way off, the organisers are already looking for fresh ideas.

FDSW was created with the intention of engaging, educating and encouraging the owners of commercial and residential buildings to raise their awareness of the crucial role fire doors play in saving lives and property. The 2014 campaign was supported by nearly 100 various organisations including the official government ‘Fire Kills’ initiative, the ASFP (Association for Specialist Fire Protection) and the FBU (Fire Brigades Union).

Around 3 million new fire doors are installed each year in the United Kingdom, the majority being fabricated from timber. The laws surrounding the safe installation, use and maintenance of fire doors are very clear but the shocking results of a recent review detailing 100 cases of prosecution under the Fire Safety Order 2005 show that improperly-installed, defective, misused or neglected fire doors were the number 2 reason for those prosecutions.

Bespoke Complete Services specialise in providing fire doors of professional quality to a vast and diverse range of buildings, from educational establishments and hospitals to luxury hotels. An infinite array of design options allows for the ideal bespoke door to be created for any application, with the complete guarantee that it will meet and exceed the strict specifications in the ‘approved documents’ that constitute legally-binding building regulations.

You can find out more about FDSW 2014 and help shape next year’s event by visiting and you can tweet your ideas using #FireDoorSafetyWeek as well.

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Timber Frames – Completing Our Bespoke

As well as designing and manufacturing bespoke doors and doorsets, Bespoke Complete Services also supply a comprehensive selection of complementary door frames and timber screens to provide the perfect finish. These products are guaranteed to meet the same rigorous health, safety and quality specifications and, of course, the signature competitive BCS price.

Timber Screens

Timber screens have an immensely professional look, comprising large, door-sized sheets of glass or wood enclosed within supporting frames made from any type of timber. As with our bespoke doors, an infinite array of sizes and configurations can be supplied, all of which are created from scratch at our state-of-the-art premises. After being primed, stained and lacquered to your individual specifications, timber screens from BCS are delivered safely to site, where they can be quickly finished and installed.

The smart, professional look of our timber screens has seen them chosen for successful use in a variety of environments, including Edinburgh’s famous Caledonian Building and the Crewe Hall Hotel in Cheshire. For further details and a quick, competitive price quote, please contact our sales team.

Door Frames

Our bespoke doors need bespoke frames to ensure full safety and functionality and three types are supplied by BCS, each available in a full range of frame depths and wall thicknesses and finished with a 2mm radius. Choose from rebated frame sections (the most common choice), traditional lining (including a planted stop and with optional extension pieces for larger wall depths) and split-frame (with integral architraves and an unlimited wall thickness range).

Frame Profiles

Several types of frame profiles can be obtained from BCS, all with impressively short lead times. MDF frame profiles, free from any knots, twists and shakes, continue to be extremely popular thanks to their ease of use and high quality of finish. Supplied complete with factory-applied primer, the frames are ready to be installed and finished on-site and matching architraves can also be provided. The profiles are guaranteed to meet the same specification as the fire doors or acoustic doors they will support.

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Bespoke Doors in Just 24 Hours – The BCS Express Service

It is often necessary for organisations to source bespoke doors and doorsets on extremely short lead times, for example in the case of emergency replacements. To ensure that this need can be met, Bespoke Complete Services can supply a wide range of our products with just 24 hours notice.

Our bespoke doorsets and doors have been chosen by many organisations from educational establishments and hospitals to function suites and hotels. Each organisation is unique and its demands can quickly change, creating a need for extremely rapid supply and installation. Less well-renowned suppliers and manufacturers of bespoke doors and doorsets are often unable to meet such demands but BCS offer a reliable guarantee that all of our bespoke doors and joinery will be supplied within 24 hours when using our Express service.

Most of the bespoke doors in our range can be obtained using our nationwide Express service, including:

  • Fire Rated Doors with up to FD120 ratings

  • Acoustic doorsets offering protection against sound levels of up to 40 decibels

  • Paint-grade, foil-wrapped doors

  • Veneered doors that, fully-finished with a double coat of semi-matt UV lacquer, can be completed from a choice of more than 300 commercial veneers

BCS operate strict environmental policies and so all of the timber used to create our quality bespoke doors has been sourced only from officially-managed forests to help ensure sustainability. Compliance evidence, which shows that all regulations are strictly adhered to, is regularly monitored and BCS are also lowering our own carbon footprint: we recently invested in energy-efficient heating systems and have lowered our gas power requirement by 70%.

Rapid service does not mean quality compromises: every bespoke door that leaves our manufacturing facility is guaranteed to meet and exceed all legal health, safety and quality requirements.

To find out more about the BCS bespoke doors and doorsets Express service and get a competitive quote, please call us to discuss your individual requirements on 01254 777142 or by e-mail

Bespoke Doors and Doorsets – Made to your Design

Every new-build or renovation project is unique, with a myriad of factors having to be brought seamlessly together to complete the work successfully. Doors and doorsets form an integral and essential part of this set of individual circumstances and must be sourced from an experienced, methodical and reliable provider such as Bespoke Complete Services – our proven track record in this sector speaks for itself.

Our bespoke doors are consistently chosen by a host of professional organisations including both public and private. A diverse project portfolio takes in a range of major universities, schools, hospitals, clinics, restaurants and more, where our bespoke doors and doorsets have been used to improve both the functionality and aesthetic of these buildings.

Particularly in the public sector, where the law demands that all buildings to be used by the public (including workplaces) have in place adequate fire safety measures, fire doors are a strict legal requirement These measures include providing firefighting equipment, creating a clear escape plan and, of course, the installation of fire-rated doors, often simply referred to as fire doors. We offer a comprehensive selection of fire doors to suit any application, with ratings of up to FD120.

Bespoke doors that will be subject to high-frequency usage, such as in hospitals and busy catering establishments, need to offer extra protection in order to provide the longest possible useful service life. Strong, durable and aesthetically-pleasing to boot, our range of veneers and finishes offer superior resistance to scratching and we also use a unique beading system to ensure flushness with the glazing below. Extra edge and face protection can be supplied as required.

Glazing is essential to many applications and, as well as permitting natural light to enter and providing a useful way to check inside a room without opening the door, gives an attractive, professional appearance. Panels can be fitted anywhere on our bespoke doors and our use of the effective Lorient FFi Glazing System gives them a guaranteed FD30 fire door rating.

Our website offers instant access to our full collection, which is presented in standard sizes and shapes – these physical properties can be infinitely customised before glazing, fitting and finishing options are selected. Start by browsing the collection before contacting a member of our skilled and experienced team to discuss your individual requirements.

Call 01254 777142 or email today to find out why our bespoke doors are the best.