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Timber Frames – Completing Our Bespoke

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 31 October 2014

As well as designing and manufacturing bespoke doors and doorsets, Bespoke Complete Services also supply a comprehensive selection of complementary door frames and timber screens to provide the perfect finish. These products are guaranteed to meet the same rigorous health, safety and quality specifications and, of course, the signature competitive BCS price.

Timber Screens

Timber screens have an immensely professional look, comprising large, door-sized sheets of glass or wood enclosed within supporting frames made from any type of timber. As with our bespoke doors, an infinite array of sizes and configurations can be supplied, all of which are created from scratch at our state-of-the-art premises. After being primed, stained and lacquered to your individual specifications, timber screens from BCS are delivered safely to site, where they can be quickly finished and installed.

The smart, professional look of our timber screens has seen them chosen for successful use in a variety of environments, including Edinburgh’s famous Caledonian Building and the Crewe Hall Hotel in Cheshire. For further details and a quick, competitive price quote, please contact our sales team.

Door Frames

Our bespoke doors need bespoke frames to ensure full safety and functionality and three types are supplied by BCS, each available in a full range of frame depths and wall thicknesses and finished with a 2mm radius. Choose from rebated frame sections (the most common choice), traditional lining (including a planted stop and with optional extension pieces for larger wall depths) and split-frame (with integral architraves and an unlimited wall thickness range).

Frame Profiles

Several types of frame profiles can be obtained from BCS, all with impressively short lead times. MDF frame profiles, free from any knots, twists and shakes, continue to be extremely popular thanks to their ease of use and high quality of finish. Supplied complete with factory-applied primer, the frames are ready to be installed and finished on-site and matching architraves can also be provided. The profiles are guaranteed to meet the same specification as the fire doors or acoustic doors they will support.

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