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Environmental Policy

Bespoke Complete Services fully recognises it has a responsibility to the environment to ensure all of its timber purchases are sourced from legal & well managed forests.

The Company is committed to seeking evidence of compliance from all suppliers that they are operating in accordance with the laws of their country. Bespoke Complete Services unreservedly condemns illegal logging practices and keeps informed of processes and changes in international legislation.

Timber is the most environmentally friendly construction material. When trees are developing and growing the world we live in is assisted by the production of oxygen and absorption of carbon dioxide. The use of timber in manufacturing helps slow the growth of global warming as timber uses less energy to produce and build with than any other material. Homes built with timber are more thermally efficient therefore need less energy to heat.

Bespoke Complete Services have invested considerably in an energy efficient wood burning boiler and heating system and have reduced gas fuel requirements for the factory and offices by 70%.


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