When installing fire doors, it is essential to have all the correct fire rated accessories to fix to the door. Without fire rated accessories, the door does not comply to British regulations. Here at Bespoke Complete Services Ltd, all our products meet the relevant fire regulations and can be fitted to FD30, 60 and 90 doors.

Intumescent Seals

Intumescent fire seals expand in the event of a fire and seal off the gap between to the door and the frame, preventing the spread of fire and smoke. For maximum effectiveness, they need to be rebated into either the door frame or the door itself.

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The size of the cylinder you need is determined by the thickness of the door and handle combination, for this reason you will need to be careful that you choose the correct size. One size will not fit all. Please contact us if you require further guidance.

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All of our fire door handles are suitable for FD30, 60 and 90 fire doors.

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Door Closers

All dedicated fire doors should be fitted with fire door closers. To be effective these must be capable of closing the door from any angle of opening and should be strong enough to overcome the resistance of any latch or sealing system.

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Our fire door hinges are designed to with stand the weight of all our fire doors and prevent warping occurring in the case of a fire, preventing the fire from spreading.

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Latches & Locks

All our locks and latched have been successfully fire test with the use of intumescent kit. Intumescent kits our essential to the products compliance.

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Fire door accessories are also an important factor in ensuring a fire door meets the required standard.

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We are extremely proud of our products and always aim to exceed expectations.