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Veneered Doors – Our Bespoke Service

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 29 November 2014

Choosing to add a veneer to a door offers many benefits, from extra durability and enhanced aesthetics to a lowered carbon footprint. Veneered doors are installed extensively across a wide range of locations, from hotels and function suites to hospitals, offices and schools. Bespoke Complete Services are expert manufacturers and suppliers of veneered doors and can quickly and easily create the ideal solution for any given project.

Our talented team combine the latest technology with traditional, tried-and-trusted crafting methods to create our selection of bespoke doors. Starting with our innovative solid particleboard core, which has been extensively tested to ensure it adheres strictly to every specification set out by the industry, our bespoke doors are created to your exact standards, including a full complement of glazing options. We then apply one of six professional crown-cut veneers; each of these veneers has an attractive finish that is semi-matt in appearance.

The environmentally-conscious properties of our veneered doors make them the ideal product for businesses wishing to source sustainable timber; combined with the veneers, which display remarkable carbon-storing qualities, this means that our bespoke doors are the greenest possible choice.

One of our most popular veneered doors is the Ewood, which can be supplied to any bespoke size or shape and is available with unglazed or glazed vision panels. We are proud to supply this door at an extremely competitive price and with a rapid lead time in order to ensure your project can continue unhindered.

Fire doors are a specialty at Bespoke Complete Services and these products are guaranteed to fully comply with the legal specifications of the fire door industry. Results data are listed below.

Acoustic Test Result – Up to 35db rated

Fire Test Result – FD60 and FD30 grades

Mechanical Test Result – 500,000 cycles with no evident degradation of ironmongery (PAS32)

Class 4 Severe Duty Rating, the highest standard (DD171/BS EN 1192)

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