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Bespoke Doors for New Office Spaces

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 14 June 2011

Our Scottish distributor Fyfe & McGrouther approached us because they needed a total of around 110 door leaves in FD30 and FD60 applications for their customer Evans Easyspace.

Evans Easyspace is a UK provider of quality office spaces and workshops in particular for small and medium sized enterprises. The doors that we supplied onto our distributor were steamed beech veneer and all featured concealed lippings to all four edges. They were taken from our standard Ewood range of veneered doors.

The customer requested that the veneered doors were supplied fully prepped and ready to accept the client’s ironmongery, this was easy to do through our door servicing. Bespoke Complete Services prepped the doors so that they would accept hinges, flush bolts, handles and other necessary ironmongery.

Another feature of the doors was the factory glazed vision panels which were inserted and then glazed with clear glass in FR material. These then featured the matching hardwood clocking beads.

Every door which was manufactured for this particular project were fully bespoke, each door had to be made exactly to size as they needed to be fitted into an existing timber frame. This however was no problem for us and we successfully completed the job on time and too our usual high standard.

Evans Easyspace now has a number of sites which will be undergoing renovation and hopefully we are going to be involved within many of these in the future.

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