As a door manufacturer, Bespoke Complete Services have become well known for our fire doors. These are made up of a fire rated core (particleboard or solid timber) and are then finished with a solid matching hardwood lipping. The face finish is simply a matter of choice. Either paint grade which can be primed or in the white, real wood veneer – choice of six standard or over 300+ commercially available or you can have it finished in laminate.

We have become a well known market leader for our 44mm and 54mm FD30 fire doors. These have had the core passed by the industries rigorous fire tests and they have gone through various mechanical and acoustic test standards – passing with flying colours!

Not only this but our FD30 fire doors have actually been subjected to third party certification which happens to be the highest form of endorsement a product can achieve. As a door manufacturer we have made sure that our FD30 fire doors along with our other fire doors have a core which is made from a sustainable product. Our timber is both environmentally friendly, sustainable and is highly effective at its job.

We are now offering a vast array of fire doors, including the popular FD30 fire door. We range from the FD30 fire door right up to the FD120.