Acoustic Doorsets – successful testing for Bespoke

More Acoustic Doorsets were recently tested at the SRL (Sound Research Laboratories) by Bespoke Complete Services with successful results. Our success will allow us to provide more products and services to this ever demanding and increasing marketplace.


The principles associated with testing for ‘acoustic’ or ‘sound attenuating’ doors & doorsets are very simple. The ‘specimen’ sample is fitted between a transmirring room and a receiving room (see pictures attached). Sound is then generated across the full frequency range determined by reference to the test standard in the transmitting room. The sound pressure levels on the receiving room side of the specimen are then measured. The sound pressure levels recorded in the receiving room can then be deducted from the sound pressure levels in the transmitting room with the resultant loss in sound presuure levels measured in decibels recorded at each of the measured frequences.

Acoustics is a term that is used in connection with doorsets and when considering the acoustics of a room or acoustics relates to a number of considerations. When sound is generated the ‘loudness’ refers to sound pressure which is expressed in decibels ‘dB’. When striking a surface some sound will be reflected, some will be absorbed and some will pass through the structure. Sound will also lose energy with distance. Other issues are the influence of sound created outside of the measured space and the ability of the structure to minimise the influence of an acoustic space by preventing or reducing the transfer of external sound through a structure. This is referred to as ‘sound attenuation’ and it is the measure that generally applies to structures between spaces. Thus when refering to acoustic doors we generally mean ‘sound attenuating doors’.

ISO 140 sets out the range of frequencies used for the purpose of testing for acoustic performances. The test procedure for the measurement of sound attenuation is described by reference to BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995

New facility-faster and better services

Veneered and paint grade doors and doorsets are now available on shorter lead times from Bespoke Complete Services. Completion of the brand new manufacturing and office extention have enabled us to increase capacity and introduce our fast track service for standard and bespoke fire doors and fire doorsets. A full range of services including NFR, FD30 & FD60 applications are available with a wide range of standard and bespoke vision panel options with an array of glazing options. Acoustic doorsets are available in 10 working days for both standard and bespoke sizes. Stock sized standard veneered doors are available in both FD30 & FD60 on our next day nationwide service.

Please contact the sales office with your enquiry for a same day quotation on 01254 777142


Acoustic Doors and Acoustic Doorsets

Acoustic Doors and Acoustic Doorsets from Bespoke Complete Services have been developed to meet a number of requirements. Our acoustic doorsets incorporate the very latest acoustic seal and construction techniques and ensure high levels of sound reduction as well as incorporating fire resistance, mechanical strength, durability and smoke containment.

The bespoke range of acoustic doors have been extensively tested (BS476Pt.22) for FD30 and FD60 applications and may be used as a general door core where heavier duty performances are required.

With additional sealing bespoke acoustic doorsets are able to provide acoustic performances between Rw.30dB & Rw.41dB (BS EN ISO 717-1:1997).


Healthcare Door Project Completed

A major project at a prestigious North West hospital has been recently completed. Bespoke Complete Services supplied a number of American White Oak veneered doorsets and timber screens in NFR, FD30 & FD60 applications.The doorsets were complimented with a number of innovative protection options, all factory fitted. (as detailed in the portfolio)
The doors were faced with a high impact PVC (2mm Gradus Sanparrel). Aluminium edge protection was fitted to both single and double doorsets in high traffic areas. The glazed vision panels on the project were produced with a flush fitting ‘quirk’ bead in order to avoid damage which is often associated with the traditional protruding ‘cloak’ type glazing beads. All of the aforemention protection systems significantly enhance the life expectancy of the doorsets which suffer from constant ‘wear and tear’ in this type of significantly high foot traffic type of facility, where doors often suffer from constant damage from trolley buffeting and rigourous cleaning regimes.


New Doorset Factory takes shape

the new ‘Bespoke’ doorset factory is a step closer after the construction engineers completed the second phase of the steelwork for the new facility. The new unit is right on schedule for completion in November 08 and will house not only the new facility but the brand new offices and showrooms. The pictures show the work underway…

New facility almost complete

The brand new Bespoke doorset facility and office accomodation is almost complete.The second phase of construction is now finished on the extension and new facilty. The roof and cladding have been completed along with the interior walls and warehouse/storage areas. The next phase involving the formation of the office accomodation, reception area and staff canteen is to commence this week. New windows and doors will be installed over the coming weeks… this space for progress and updates……

Veneered Doors

Our bespoke veneered doors are available from stock, in a range of six high quality crown cut veneers with a semi-matt lacquer finish to both faces and all edges.

Our veneered doors offer an unbeatable package of high quality and natural looks with a competitive price, and are perfect for any private, public or commercial development. They are manufactured with traditional craftsmanship using modern technology and with 6mm solid matching hardwood lipping to all edges concealed beneath the veneer face.

The veneered doors are available in 2 applications, FD30 and FD60, in 5 standard sizes. The bespoke Ewood Door is also available made to order in any size or shape for NFR, FD30 and FD60 applications, both with and without glazed and un-glazed vision panel arrangements. This bespoke version of our Ewood Door range can be purchased on short lead times at extremely competitive rates.

The solid particleboard core door is a market leader for 44mm FD30 and 54mm FD60 fire rated door leaves. The core has passed the industry’s rigorous fire, mechanical and acoustic test standards and has been subjected to independent third party certification; the highest form of endorsement a product can achieve. The veneered door core also provides a solution to sourcing your sustainable timber products and is both environmentally friendly and highly effective as a door.

Our bespoke veneered doors have been extensively tested for:

  • Fire: FD30 / FD60
  • Mechanical: DD171 – PAS23 1 Cyclic 500,000
  • Acoustic: Ratings up to 35db
  • PAS 23: Successfully tested to 500,000 cycles with no evident degradation of the ironmongery fixings
  • DD171, BSEN 1192: The core has been subjected to rigorous mechanical tests, meeting severe duty (Class4) the highest standard for Timber Door Sets classification.

The veneered door consists of a 3 layer particleboard core, 44mm thickness for NFR & FD30, 54mm thickness for FD60 with an average bulk density of 620kgm3.

BCS Ltd are experts when it comes to bespoke veneered doors. For a quote on your current or up-coming project(s) then please contact our sales office for immediate assistance on 01254 777142 or email

Expansion begins

Bespoke Complete Services are currently expanding our operation here in Darwen. A brand new 4,000 sq ft warehouse and office space is under construction and due for completion in November this year. The warehouse will be used to store finished goods & all of the standard stock product range and raw materials. This will allow us to expand our production facility further by utilising the space created with moving the stock. The new office space will be taken up with Bespokes’ new server and computerised operating system along with a reception area & the sales and accounts staff.

Keep up to date on the progress on our website, the base is featured here and the steel work will commence late September.


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