Bespoke pre-assembled doorsets are available in numerous applications ranging from NFR to FD120. A range of 6 standard veneers are available from stock and up to 300+ commercial veneers are available on a short lead time.

Doorsets that offer additional protection such as face and edge protection and a flush bead system are also available. A recent project at a prestigious North West Hospital was recently supplied by Bespoke Complete Services. The American White Oak veneered doors that were supplied ranged from NFR to FD60 and a number of innovative protection options fitted. The doorsets were manufactured with Gradus Sanparrel face protection. Some of the leaves had full face protection whilst some were protected with 50% coverage to the bottom half of the door. Other doors on the project had kick plate and mid-rail protection.

The colours were matched to the wall protection fitted throughout the project. Other methods of protecting the doors in heavy traffic areas were the use of aluminium edgeguards. These were relevant on pairs of doors to surgical wards and operating theatres and alleviated the normal damages caused by trolleys and beds when moving patients and medicines. The third detail was that of a flush bead to any glazed vision panels. The vision panel area of a door is normally very susceptible to damage as protruding beads are smashed and broken, usually by the movement of the same trolleys and beds. Details of some of the doorsets supplied can be seen in the attached portfolio.

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