Glazing Beads

The two part bespoke cloak bead (beading and covermould) allows various thicknesses and edge detail to be accommodated. Muliple glass types and glazing / sealing systems can also be used. The use of the bead covermould eliminates the need for a lipping or lining to be applied to flaxboard or tubular chipboard cores. The beads are available in a variety of matching or contrasting hardwood species and can be supplied pre-finished in order to avoid on site decorating. The unique design also allows them to be fixed without any unsightly fixing screws.

The bespoke flush (quirk) bead is available for jobs and projects that require a more robust design. This type of vision panel bead is most useful in ‘high traffic’ areas such as school and hospitals / health centres where the protruding cloak bead designs are more susceptible to damage by trailing bags, trolleys and during the movements of patients and furniture etc. The bead sits flush with the face of the door and has a 2x2mm rebate along one edge to give an aesthetically pleasing look.

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