Rutland TS.9205

Rutland® TS9205 Door Closer – Satin Stainless Steel

  • Product Information
  • Power size 2-5
  • Interior doors up to 1250mm or 110kg max
  • Backcheck – Ideal for high traffic doors as it offers resistance when the door is opened with excessive force, preventing damage to doors
  • Delayed action – Ideal for care homes and hospitals as this feature slows down the closing speed of the door
  • Meets Equality Act regulations (BS 8300)
  • Dual handed and universal fixing pack for push or pull side mounting
  • Closing and latch speed adjustments for a perfect closing action
  • Architectural flat bar arm set
  • Cover made from stainless steel – ideal for schools, public buildings, offices, hotels and hospitals
    Fire tested to EN1634-1
  • Product Details
  • Opening Angle 180°
  • Universal Application
  • Adjustable Latch Speed
  • Rut Lock