AR8101 Mortice Latch Case

ARRONE mortice latch case

  • Product Information
  • Function: Deadbolt operation
  • Forend/strike material: Stainless steel
  • Forend type: Double
  • The AR8101 series lock case has been successfully fire tested with the use of an intumescent kit. The supply and fitting of this intumescent kit is essential to the products compliance with the fire test and CE marking evidence it has gained. BCS Ltd take no responsibility for any locks purchased and fitted without sufficient intumescent protection.
  • Product Details
  • Material: steel
  • Face plate finish: F69 stainless steel brushed
  • Shape: radiused
  • Backset: 60 mm, pierced for furniture at 38 mm centres
  • Case size: Depth: 88 mm length: 165 mm width: 16 mm, modular