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Sound Control – The Science of Acoustics

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 10 March 2014

In many environments, such as schools, hospitals, music studios, hotels and offices, it is important to limit the spread of ambient noise from one area to another. Installing acoustic doors is an effective solution to the problem and Bespoke Complete Services offer a full range designed to perfectly suit your particular requirements.

Particularly in working environments, excess noise can have a dramatic negative impact on productivity levels; countless surveys of students and office workers have proven this fact time and time again. Some environments, such as operating theatres and recording studios, require complete isolation from distracting outside noises in order to function at their optimum level. In these areas, as with almost every aspect of society, the application of acoustic science is present.

Acoustic derives from the Greek verb ἀκούω, which means “to hear” (the Latinised equivalent of the word is sonic). Centring around the study of mechanical waves, including all levels of sound from vibration to ultrasound, acoustic science is continually applied across our daily lives.

At Bespoke Complete Services, we have developed and optimised our acoustic doorsets to the highest level, seamless incorporating state-of-the-art construction techniques and acoustic seals. Guaranteeing a high level of sound reduction, our acoustic doorsets also offer high mechanical strength and durability, smoke containment systems and an excellent resistance to fire. To ensure full peace-of-mind, our doorsets have been fully independently tested to meet the BS476 Pt.22 standard for both FD60 and FD30 applications.

A variety of configurations are available to perfectly met any bespoke requirement. Two different types of core (solid particle board and tri-laminate hardwood timber) can be chosen from, each offering an environmentally choice that can then be customised to requirements. To complete your chosen doors, a choice of paint grades and veneers is available.

As well as noise-reducing doors, Bespoke Complete Services are also expert providers of completely soundproof doors for use in environments where complete silence is required. Call our team today to find our more about these quality doors.

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