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Nevermind Winter Blues We Are Going Green

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 28 November 2011

Bespoke Complete Services have been doing their bit, in an energy conscious society people are always looking for ways in which certain industries can operate more efficiently and do their bit for the environment.

We supply value added, complete doorsets and door services to our customers and through this manufacturing and fitting process we are doing our bit to keep as green as possible. Behind the raw wood, the doors and the door frames there is a heart; Bespoke Complete Services care about where we source our wood from and we have been working extremely hard to secure FSC status.


Through illegal logging many forests throughout the world plunge into crisis, not only is some logging illegal but it actually causes changes to our ecosystem which we rely on every single day just too survive.

It is us humans who create the demand for wood in a number of industries. There is a right way to source this wood and a wrong way; in everything we do Bespoke Complete Services want to go about it the right way.

As a door manufacturer we recognise our responsibility within this industry as we heavily rely on our supply of wood. Due to our recognition of the damage which we could potentially cause we always ensure that the timber we source is from legal and well maintained forests.

There are many people within the industry who claim to be environmentally friendly and in fact they are not. Some companies will choose to cut costs and select wood from illegal sources. You can rest assured we are not one of these companies but we do not expect you to just take our word for it. We can provide you with evidence and documents which prove our suppliers are compliant and are operating in accordance with the laws of their country.

Bespoke Complete Services condemns illegal logging practices and are very much aware of any changes within international legislation regarding the source of timber.

Timber is the most environmentally friendly construction material and within our factory we actually have an energy efficient wood burning boiler and heating system where we effectively burn any waste wood and this then works to provide heat to the factory floor.

We are self sufficient and have reduced gas fuel requirement for our offices and factory by a massive 70% so you can rest assured that if the environment is something that concerns you there are still companies out there who care too!

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