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Emergency! Doorsets

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 10 March 2011

As a legal requirement due to specific building codes, buildings now must be fitted with emergency exits. These have to be made in accordance to specific requirements laid out in these codes which include number of doors and specific sizes.

An emergency exit is a special door used for exiting a building in an emergency such as a fire. They allow for faster evacuation and without them we would see a lot more fatalities. In most cases normal routes of exit become blocked and thus the emergency exits provide an escape route.

Bespoke Complete Services can design and manufacture emergency exits which will meet the legal requirements set out and ultimately can prove life saving within an emergency situation.

Our emergency escape doorsets come complete with a push pad or panic bar emergency release mechanism that allow quick release when an emergency occurs & panic ensues and simple things like opening a door become impossible.

Through using panic release bars or push pad then it means people just have to simply apply force to this and the door will open. These doors can be completed in just 7days and supplied either in white for on-site decoration or can be fully finished to any RAL colour.

Specifically located emergency exits have to be clearly marked with exit signs throughout the building leading to this exit.

Real life cases, inclusive of the attacks on the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001 some of the emergency exits were inaccessible others were locked! Furthermore the well known incident of the Station Nightclub where they filled it over capacity and a fire broke out, the emergency exit swung inwards and not outwards as the code required!

Only an amateur or a cowboy would make these mistakes, it is not that but you are putting people’s lives in danger. For a professional emergency exit which will be manufactured and fitted correctly then contact the professionals.

Our prices are extremely competitive  after all who can put a price tag on life?

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