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Brand New Machinery

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 17 January 2011

Delivery date

Bespoke have this week begun to install & commission our brand new state of the art machinery. This is an exciting time for us as the machinery will enable us to produce our own brand of specialist door and doorsets in our recently completed, purpose built doorset factory.

The Machine details

In total there will be twelve new machines which will join the business, and pictured here our the first few which have been delivered.

Firstly, our 3100 x 1550 capacity 4 platen 120 tonne Casolin press. The oleo-hydraulics presses with hot plates, heated with oil using precise chromium plated pistons. The next to join us is the brand new Casolin Avant 1100mm twin belt sanding machine which will save on time and be extremely useful to us.

The main delivery however is, the Dominion MF6113-W2 Ultra Violet roller coater oven. This will allow us to put that perfect Bespoke Complete Services finish onto all specialist hardwood veneered doors in all sizes up to 1500mm in width.

The first 2 sections of the machine can be seen in the pictures on the right, along with the Casolin Press coming out of the container.


We expect the installation to be completed by the end of week commecing January 17th and will be fully operational by January 24th.

Further Details

For further information about our new machines, product prices, specification and availability and all other enquires:


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