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Bespoke Doorsets – A Comprehensive Choice

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 28 November 2013

For all your specialist bespoke joinery and doorset requirements, Bespoke Complete Services is the professional choice. At the heart of our business is a passion for creating products that meet the unique demands of each application from the functional to the aesthetic.

Bespoke Complete Services specialise in providing construction projects with a range of doorsets. Pre-assembled, the doorsets are installed much more quickly than when using more traditional methods, saving valuable labour hours and cost. From fire doors and acoustic doorsets to ‘severe duty’ and high-performance doorsets, our range can be supplied with a choice of over 300 veneers with the shortest possible lead time.

Our commitment to developing and improving our bespoke fire door core culminated with it being awarded the maximum ‘Severe Duty’ performance level in official British Standard tests; under the strict conditions of PAS23, these doorsets were found to achieve more than 500,000 cycles. Strebord-cored doorsets are particularly suited to all types of education facilities and have been used at many schools and colleges around the country including Liverpool John Moores University, Garstang Academy, St. Ambrose in Manchester and St. Bede’s here in Blackburn.

Many hospitals have used our performance doorsets, designed to offer the extra protection required in such busy buildings. Constant use means hospital doors must be adequately strong and durable to continue working at an optimal level; a particular problem is caused by hospital trolleys, gurneys and wheelchairs constantly banging into doors. Our performance doorsets can be supplied with a host of protective features including aluminium & PVC edging and facing, which can be used to cover all or part of the door. Non-protruding beads, lying flush with the door, stay strongly adhered, avoiding the potential for tearing that is common in heavy-traffic areas like hospitals.

All of our doors can be supplied with the innovative Safehinge, which uses a curved aluminium profile and a specialist pivot set to ensure the danger of trapped fingers is removed. Both schools and hospitals are perfect places for the Safehinge to be used as over 30,000 children trap and injure their fingers in doors every year in the United Kingdom. Quickly and easily installed, the Safehinge is an essential addition to any doorset.

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