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BCS-L is Environmentally Green!

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 1 June 2011

Bespoke Complete Services have invested a considerable amount of money in order to turn our grey factory green!

You would be wrong in thinking that we have decorated and painted our factory green! Instead we have got an energy efficient wood burning boiler and heating system in place.

As a manufacturer of Fire Doors, Acoustic Doorsets, Veneered Doors, and our Performance Bespoke Doorsets we often have off cuts of wood which would have normally gone to waste. Now we can cut these down, burn them and use them to heat our factory. This investment has seen us reduce our gas fuel requirements for both the factory and are offices by a massive 70%.

The wood that we use to manufacture our doors has to come from somewhere, BCS-L care where this comes from and therefore we adopt a strict environmental policy.

All of our wood is sourced from well maintained forests which are legal, this is backed up by evidence proving that our suppliers are compliant and operate in accordance to the laws of their particular country. Our concerns for the environment has meant that we strongly condemn any illegal logging practices and are always on top of any changes to international legislation regarding sourcing timber.

We are going green why don’t you see what you can do to help save the environment too! Bespoke Complete Services have already seen a massive benefit to ourselves but also in context this will help us to do our bit for the environment.

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