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Acoustic Doors – Promoting Healing and Recovery

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 5 May 2015

It has been recognised for a long time that hospital patients subjected to a noisy environment do not recover as well or as quickly as those who enjoy a quieter area. Thankfully, as advances in acoustic door technology continue, more and more patients are benefitting from reduced sound levels.

General daytime sound levels in hospitals have steadily increased throughout the years, leaping from an average of 57dB in 1960 to current levels of around 72dB. When this fact is considered in conjunction with the 85dB level at which ear protection is legally required, it becomes clear that providing peaceful, private areas is absolutely essential to the wellbeing of both patients and staff.

One of the earliest studies into the effects of noise on patients was carried out in 1968 and showed that patients (recovering from surgery to remove cataracts) in noisy environments required far more medication post-surgery than similar patients housed in quiet rooms. Excess noise has been shown to impair sleep and to cause changes in blood pressure and respiration, none of which are helpful in patient recovery.

Noisy environments have also been shown to negatively impact on employee health, morale and productivity, meaning that nurses, doctors and auxiliary staff suffer just as badly. Acoustic doors offer a way to negate the issues and a more structured, comfortable working environment is quickly created and maintained.

Acoustic doorsets from Bespoke Complete Services utilise state-of-the-art design, engineering and manufacturing processes to bring our healthcare customers the most modern, effective solution to excess noise. Incorporating mechanical strength, smoke containment, fire resistance, extra protection and vision panels where necessary, our acoustic doors feature a choice of environmentally-friendly cores which can be veneered to suit any aesthetic scheme.

As with our entire range of fire doors and bespoke doorsets, consistently professional quality is guaranteed when choosing acoustic doors from Bespoke Complete Services. BCS – Promoting health through technology.


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