Veneered Doors – Security with Style

The process of veneering a door imbues it with added strength and durability as well as providing a pleasing visual and tactile aesthetic. Veneered doors are therefore the natural choice for a diverse and extensive range of construction projects from public and private to commercial. Bespoke Complete Services are proud suppliers of an impressive selection of veneered doors, which have been installed in schools, hospitals, offices, shops, hotels and more.

At Bespoke Complete Services, we apply a powerful combination of traditional craftsmanship and the very latest technology to create veneered doors of impeccable quality. A solid particleboard core, which has passed every strict mechanical, fire and acoustic test standards set by the industry and is a market-leading product, is finished with a choice of six crown-cut veneers, each of which has a semi-matt lacquered finish to all edges and faces. Hardwood lipping is first applied to all edges to be concealed by this veneer face. The door core provides a perfect solution for companies looking to source sustainable timber and this, combined with the carbon-storing properties of veneers, makes these products an extremely environmentally-friendly choice.

Five standard sizes are available from stock in a choice of two applications (FD60 & FD30). Bespoke size and shape requirements are admirably fulfilled by our innovative Ewood Door which, available with glazed or unglazed vision panels, can be supplied with a rapid lead-time at the most competitive price – this door can also be used for NFR as well as FD30 & FD60 applications.

The exacting standards set out by the fire door industry are all easily met by our veneered fire doors and the data from these results is listed below.

Fire Testing – FD30 and FD60

Acoustic Testing – Ratings up to 35db

Mechanical Testing – PAS23 (tested to 500,00 cycles without evident ironmongery fixing degradation)
DD171/BSEN1192 (Class 4 ‘severe duty’ rating, the highest achievable standard)

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Strong, Safe and Stylish – Veneered Doors

Ideal for an astonishingly-diverse array of commercial, private and public building developments, the Bespoke Complete Services range of veneered doors offer the perfect combination of form, function and cost-effectiveness. By teaming traditional craft techniques with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, we create veneered doors are guaranteed to exceed expectations.

The word ‘veneer’ comes from the Old French word fournir, meaning ‘to furnish’. Originally a respected and revered art form developed in Ancient Egypt to beautify furniture, ornaments and sarcophagi, veneering is now a widely-used method of adding strength to building materials such as brick and stone as well as timber.

We supply our veneered doors from stock though bespoke arrangements can be quickly and easily made. There are five standard sizes available in both FD60 and FD30 applications and each door features our innovative, market-leading solid particleboard core. This core has been subjected to intense and rigorous testing; easily passing the acoustic, fire and mechanical standards set out by the highly-regulated industry; the core has also received independent third-party certification which is commonly regarded as the best endorsement any product is able to achieve. The gruelling PAS23 test, which subjects the door to half a million cycles, failed to have any negative impact at all and the results officially confirmed that there was “no evident degradation of the ironmongery fixings”. All materials used in the construction of the doors are sustainably-sourced, making them an incredibly environmentally-friendly choice.

Our veneered doors, as well as displaying highly-effective function, are designed to create a clean, professional and attractive aesthetic. Matching lipping on each edge of the door has been skilfully concealed and there is a choice of six crown-cut veneers, all of which have a beautiful semi-matt lacquered finish.

One of the most popular choices is the Ewood door which, available to buy at an extremely-competitive price and made-to-order on the shortest of lead times, can be supplied in any bespoke shape or size. The Ewood door is available with or without either glazed or non-glazed vision panels, further adding to its versatility.

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Bespoke Doorsets – Our Express Service

Bespoke Complete Services recognise that doors and doorsets are sometimes required at extremely short notice. To allow for this eventuality, we are proud to provide an express service that can supply your bespoke order within just 24 hours.

We supply our products to a diverse range of organisations including a large number of hospitals and educational establishments. The unique and ever-changing demands of each organisation often necessitate the quick and simple installation of a variety of doors, a fact which can often cause a problem for less reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Offering guaranteed fabrication and delivery of all bespoke veneered doorsets and joinery, our express service operates nationwide and provides products of the highest possible standard.

A wide range of our doors is available on our express service. This range includes:

  • Doors with FD60 and FD30 fire ratings
  • Acoustic doorsets offering protection of up to 40 decibels
  • Foil-wrapped doors of paint grade
  • Veneered doors; these are fully-finished (two coats semi matt UV lacquer) a choice of over 300 commercial veneers

In line with our strict environmental policy, all timber used in the fabrication of our quality doors has been exclusively sourced from officially-managed forests, ensuring sustainability for the future. Evidence of compliance with all regulations is closely monitored and Bespoke Complete Solutions continue to reduce our own carbon footprint; recent investment in an energy-efficient heating system at our premises has reduced our gas requirement by 70%.

Although this service is fast, there is absolutely no compromise on the quality of all doorsets provided by Bespoke Complete Services; all relevant official health and safety specifications are met and exceeded by our quality range of professional doorsets.

As our service is designed to be bespoke, accommodating the unique needs of each project, our team are always available to quickly offer a competitive quote based on your individual lead time and project requirement.

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Burnley UTC

The Grade II listed Victoria Mill complex, known locally as The Weavers Triangle, has been transformed with the help of Bespoke products. The site, once at the heart of Burnley’s textile industry, encompasses many listed industrial buildings & heritage assets & is one of the finest surviving Victorian landscapes in the UK.

The first phase of this major re-development has now been completed with the opening of the North West’s first University Technical College (UTC). The college provides technical study to 800 students aged between 14-19 specialising in construction & engineering.

Bespoke were tasked to produce an array of specialist doors and doorsets to compliment the existing features of the buildings. Doorsets were manufactured in European Quarter cut Oak veneer and high pressure laminate to varying fire and acoustic performance criteria including FD30 & FD60 rated doorsets and 35db acoustic doorsets. The fast track programme meant that the doorsets were provided in just under 4 weeks form site measure to final delivery.

Veneered Doorsets Walton Centre for Neurology

American Ash FD30 & FD60 Doorsets have been supplied to the Walton Centre in Liverpool. Bespoke have recently completed the supply of a number of ‘made-to-measure’ American Ash veneered doorsets in various applications including NFR, FD30 & FD60 with and without factory glazed vision panels. The fast track project was completed in 3 weeks form start. Some of the products are featured here…

Bespoke Complete Services Ltd

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We are experts in Fire Doors, Acoustic Doorsets, Veneered Doors, Paint Grade Doors, MDF doorsets and Performance Doorsets.

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