Fire Doors Safety Week – Ideas Requested for 2015 Event

September 2014 saw the launch of Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW), the first in a series of planned yearly events raising awareness of the importance of fire doors and their correct installation and maintenance. Declared a great success by all concerned, the event will take place again in September 2015 and, although this is some way off, the organisers are already looking for fresh ideas.

FDSW was created with the intention of engaging, educating and encouraging the owners of commercial and residential buildings to raise their awareness of the crucial role fire doors play in saving lives and property. The 2014 campaign was supported by nearly 100 various organisations including the official government ‘Fire Kills’ initiative, the ASFP (Association for Specialist Fire Protection) and the FBU (Fire Brigades Union).

Around 3 million new fire doors are installed each year in the United Kingdom, the majority being fabricated from timber. The laws surrounding the safe installation, use and maintenance of fire doors are very clear but the shocking results of a recent review detailing 100 cases of prosecution under the Fire Safety Order 2005 show that improperly-installed, defective, misused or neglected fire doors were the number 2 reason for those prosecutions.

Bespoke Complete Services specialise in providing fire doors of professional quality to a vast and diverse range of buildings, from educational establishments and hospitals to luxury hotels. An infinite array of design options allows for the ideal bespoke door to be created for any application, with the complete guarantee that it will meet and exceed the strict specifications in the ‘approved documents’ that constitute legally-binding building regulations.

You can find out more about FDSW 2014 and help shape next year’s event by visiting and you can tweet your ideas using #FireDoorSafetyWeek as well.

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Fire Doors for Schools and Colleges – Safety and Durability

By providing a strong, durable and effective barrier against fire and maximising the possible amount of evacuation time, fire doors have saved countless lives and are now required by law in public buildings and workplaces. As schools, colleges and workplaces gear up to close for the summer holidays, many of these establishments will be undergoing installation or replacement of a fire-door system and Bespoke Complete Services remain one of the best possible providers of pre-assembled, certified fire doorsets.

‘Approved documents’ contain legal building requirements and designate the building with a numerical fire-resistance level that takes into account a variety of factors including acoustics, ventilation, accessibility and ventilation. The part of the regulations relating to fire doors state that any doorset designed for for-resistance must be tested to ensure its compatibility with the strict specifications of British Standard tests to ensure their safety and efficiency.

The Bespoke Complete Services selection of ready-assembled fire doorsets have been used on thousands of projects around the UK, negating the traditional need to order the many components needed to create quality leaves and frames. Fabricated exactly to bespoke specifications, the doorsets represent excellent cost-effectiveness for on-site door and frame installation.

Each door centres on a fire-rated core of solid timber or particleboard, covered with solid lippings. Onto this core, a wide choice of finishes can be applied from paint and veneers to laminate. Created sustainably to offer a high level of environmental care, our doorsets have received third-party certification, the highest form of endorsement. When used in close conjunction with appropriate sealing and frames, they also offer excellent acoustic properties, perfect for a learning environment.

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Protecting Trapped Fingers with Safehinge

Bespoke Complete Services are currently in the process of carrying out an extensive project at Clarendon Primary School in Bolton. A range of doorsets are being installed, all of which include the innovative Safehinge system, protecting children from the ever-present danger of trapped fingers.

Bespoke are currently working on a project at Clarendon School which forms part of the Blackburn/Bolton BSF (Building Schools for the Future) scheme. Several other schools, including St. Bede’s, Darwen Vale and Our Lady & St. John’s, have also enjoyed extensive refurbishments including the installation of a complete range of bespoke doorsets from our superlative collection.

The areas within Clarendon School are, as with all educational establishments, subject to high frequency of use and must be of sufficient strength and quality in order to provide a long service life. Over 110 doorsets are being installed at the school in a varied range of applications including FD30 and NFR; acoustic doorsets of both 32db and 35db ratings are also being used to minimise noise, keeping ambient sound both in and out of classrooms. All of the doors feature our Severe Duty-rated core and have an HPL laminate finish. Softwood frames with threshold seals and acoustic perimeters surround these quality doors.

All of the doors being installed as part of the Clarendon School project feature the Safehinge system. Current statistics reveal that around 30,000 children trap their fingers in doors each year; many of these incidents occur at school. Utilising a specialist pivot set and curved aluminium profile, the Safehinge system removes this danger and offers continued protection to all users of the building.

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In Pursuit of Excellence – Darwen Vale High School

Darwen Vale High School is home to hundreds of pupils from the local area, all of whom work together to “achieve their own personal excellence”, making the school one of the best in the region. The school was recently refurbished to make sure it is completely up-to-date and in compliance with relevant legislation; part of this refurbishment included the installation of many doorsets around the building which were expertly designed to match existing aesthetics while providing the required level of durability for such a demanding environment.

After researching the many doorset providers, Darwen Vale High School chose to employ Bespoke Complete Services to provide the required new doorsets for installation by contractors Balfour Beatty, thanks to our impressive longstanding reputation of providing similar high-quality products to a wide range of schools, colleges, universities and academies.

The refurbishment of Darwen Vale High School was part of the Building Schools for the Future Scheme, designed to initiate change in the education system through the provision of inspirational buildings. Benefiting from this scheme, Darwen High School has been kitted out with state-of-the-art computer suites along with a range of physical improvements.

Bespoke Complete Services were extremely proud to have provided more than 250 doorsets to the refurbishment project, including FD30, FD60, NFR and >35db acoustic products. All of the doors had been manufactured with a high-pressure Formica laminate face in order to deal with the frequent usage and, in addition, hardwood lips on all four edges and full edge protectors will provide extra support. Many of the doors featured integral vision panels which, glazed with strong and durable clear glass, will meet the extremely demanding acoustic and fire performance criteria.

In total, around 325 doors were produced for this project, all of which were locally manufactured and carry the highest ‘severe duty’ quality rating. The doors were produced in a range of colours and finishes to match existing aesthetics and will provide a long, low-maintenance service life.

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New Year, New Doors

The New Year is a perfect time for renovation and Bespoke Complete Services are looking forward to completing several projects. In 2014, we will continue with our commitment to developing and producing bespoke doors and doorsets for a range of applications.

Specialists in the provision of professional doorsets to a diverse range of construction projects, Bespoke Complete Services offer products of the highest quality, officially certified to meet all relevant health, safety and quality requirements. As our doorsets are pre-assembled, installation time is dramatically reduced, leading to noticeable savings in labour cost as compared to more traditional methods of door replacement or installation. From high-performance acoustic doorsets to fire doors and ‘severe duty’ doors, our comprehensive range can be personalised with more than 300 veneers and on incredibly short lead times.

‘Severe Duty’ doorsets feature the innovative Strebord core, offering a superlative level of strength, safety and functionality. These doors are regularly installed to a variety of establishments, particularly educational facilities such as schools, colleges, universities and academies. Independently tested to extensive levels under official British Standard conditions, doors with the Strebord core are guaranteed to provide a long, low-maintenance service life.

Bespoke Complete Services also supply a range of performance doorsets, many of which are used in hospitals and other medical facilities. These doors feature added protection such as aluminium facing and edging to make sure that the constant knocks and bumps from hospital trolleys and wheelchairs do not cause damage.

The patented Safehinge, with its curved aluminium profile and specialist pivot set, ensures that fingers cannot become trapped. Suitable for use in all buildings, the Safehinge aims to reduce the 30,000 serious cases of finger injury that happen every year. Quick and easy to install, the Safehinge can be added to any of our range of doorsets.

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‘Severe Duty’ Doors for Education Facilities

Bespoke Complete Services doors and doorsets are installed at a number of educational establishments around the UK. Safe, durable and attractive, our bespoke doorsets intended for use in such establishments have been extensively tested to ensure they meet and exceed the ‘severe duty’ performance specification outlined in official British Standard (BS) tests.

As part of our commitment to excellence, Bespoke Complete Services continually develop and improve the patented Strebord door core used in our ‘severe duty’ doorsets. In the most recent cyclic tests, the core was found to achieve more than half a million cycles when subject to PAS23 conditions and consistently met all requirements of BS DD171 when repeatedly tested. The Strebord door core was thus awarded ‘severe duty’ status, the maximum that it is possible to achieve.

Offering the maximum levels of safety and protection, these doorsets are suitable for use in all educational facilities from primary and secondary schools and academies through to colleges and universities. As the name of our company rightly suggests, we are not at all limited to standard-sized products and can manufacture doorsets according to any unique requirements.

With state-of-the-art design technology, our doorsets are of the highest possible standard and continue to provide low-maintenance functionality at a number of education facilities including Liverpool John Moores University, Darwen Vale High School, St. Ambrose Manchester, Garstang Academy Bowerham and Rainford Technology College.

Further enhancing the safety of our doorsets is the Safehinge system which, quickly and easily installed, utilises a specialist pivot set and a curved aluminium profile to prevent fingers becoming trapped. In excess of 30,000 children injure their fingers every year in the UK due to the danger; more than 1,000 of these children will subsequently require surgery to correct the damage. The Safehinge seeks to dramatically reduce these alarming numbers.

We offer an express service which allows us to produce bespoke doors and doorsets in as little as 24 hours. The service is available nationwide and offers guaranteed delivery of a wide range of our high-performance doorsets.

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