Fire Doors and Doorsets – Setting the Standard

Countless lives have been saved since fire doors became a mandatory feature of public building design and workplaces. Although their name suggests they only prevent the spread of fire itself, the first function of fire doorsets in an emergency is help stop creeping, lethal smoke.

Smoke inhalation is one of the biggest threats to survival in the event of a fire; the lack of oxygen quickly causes anyone trapped within to lose consciousness, preventing them from escaping the oncoming flames. Buildings are compartmentalised with fire doors separating the sections to slow down the spread of smoke – but how is this achieved?

Intumescent strips are installed onto fire doors, sealing them once closed and preventing any spread of toxic smoke. Each seal has been carefully installed into pre-cut grooves in the fire doorsets and, in the event of fire, growing temperatures cause the seals cellular structure to expand, completely filling the gap. The door edges become less susceptible to early damage and increase potentially life-saving evacuation time.

Quality testing of such vital doors and components is of course extensive, rigorous and tightly-regulated by British Standards and Certifire. The testing includes recreating as closely as possible the conditions of a real building fire with a number of different factors, such as complete fire door assembly, a variety of frames and all fitted ironmongery, being carefully examined.

Fire doorsets are deemed to have lost their integrity once the door has burned to a point where cracks have formed that flames can pass through or where burning occurs on the unexposed door face; total failure occurs when the fire door collapses completely. The time it takes for total failure to occur forms the FD rating, which is generally set at FD 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Fire doorsets from BCS have been thoroughly tested by an approved Fire Testing Centre and fully certified for quality.

Make sure you comply with the law on Fire Doors – choose BCS for professional, lasting quality. See our work here.

Bespoke Doorsets Supplied to Nelson & Colne College

Bespoke Complete Services have, in close collaboration with our client Barnfield Construction, produced and delivered in excess of 180 pre-hung doors sets and glazed screens as part of a 20m refurbishment programme at Nelson & Colne College. All of the bespoke fire doors and screens are now installed and fully operational, providing a safe, robust and highly-functional working environment for more than 1,500 full-time and up to 5,000 part-time students from the surrounding areas.

Nelson & Colne College was created in a shake-up of educational establishments in the 1970s and comprised several local sixth form classes. The college, through its growing reputation for success, has continued to increase in size and now offers a full complement of courses from GCSEs to National Diplomas and NVQs, as well as working closely with local businesses to create and monitor apprenticeship and trainee positions.

Barnfield Construction are one of the market-leading contractors offering a full range of construction and refurbishment services. Since 1976, when the company was established, Barnfield Construction have consistently delivered professional quality solutions for commercial, leisure, residential and industrial schemes alike. In order to maintain their impressive reputation, Barnfield Construction work with only the best product and service providers, among which BCS are proud to number.

All of our bespoke doors used in the refurbishment and reconstruction of Nelson & Colne College were created from quality American White Oak before being finished with a professional-grade veneer and coated twice with UV lacquer. Produced to satisfy the requirements of FD30, FD60 and 35dB acoustic performance specifications, many of the doors featured factory-glazed vision panels in a soft- and hardwood FR60 frame system; matching cloaking beads and loose planted stops completed these quality frames.

The bespoke doors were supplied pre-hung on class 13 s/s hinges to facilitate quick, simple and reliable installation. Matching hardwood screens were also provided in order to continue the sleek, modern aesthetic of the new college premises.

BCS were easily able to meet the tough logistical demands of such a large-scale project, ensuring that all doors were delivered exactly as requested and with strict adherence to punctuality. We will remain in contact with the various representatives of the companies and bodies involved with the Nelson & Colne College project, offering our dedicated aftercare service,

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Bespoke Doorsets Supplied to Pets Choice

The historic Pets Choice company, established for more than 130 years and successfully trading to this day, have recently modernised one of their massive manufacturing facilities. Located right here in Blackburn, the Pets Choice manufacturing plant chose to source the office doorsets for the refurbishment from Bespoke Complete Services, basing their decision on our impressive reputation, track record, qualifications and recommendations.

Pets Choice were established as a pet food supplier back in 1881 and now produce many well-known brands of dog and cat food such as Goodwyn’s and Webbox as well as a bespoke collection of goods on private label. The company commits to ensuring the highest levels of health, safety and quality for its staff and the recent refurbishment of the manufacturing facility is part of this dedication.

More than 100 pre-hung doorsets and factory-glazed screens were supplied to Pets Choice to facilitate their refurbishment. Naturally, the heights, widths and other aspects of these doors had variations to suit bespoke needs, though all were fabricated from black American walnut and were professionally finished with two coats of durable UV lacquer.

Some of the doors required integral vision panels which were supplied factory-glazed and ready to install. Secure and aesthetically-pleasing beads, also formed from American black walnut, were used for cloaking. The fire doors used in this extensive project, with ratings of FD60 & FD30, were given matching frames and screens.

The manufacturing facility is now once again fully-operational and our doorsets, which meet and/or exceed the requirements set out in all relevant quality specifications, are guaranteed to provide many years of low-maintenance service life.

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Bespoke Doors and Doorsets – Made to your Design

Every new-build or renovation project is unique, with a myriad of factors having to be brought seamlessly together to complete the work successfully. Doors and doorsets form an integral and essential part of this set of individual circumstances and must be sourced from an experienced, methodical and reliable provider such as Bespoke Complete Services – our proven track record in this sector speaks for itself.

Our bespoke doors are consistently chosen by a host of professional organisations including both public and private. A diverse project portfolio takes in a range of major universities, schools, hospitals, clinics, restaurants and more, where our bespoke doors and doorsets have been used to improve both the functionality and aesthetic of these buildings.

Particularly in the public sector, where the law demands that all buildings to be used by the public (including workplaces) have in place adequate fire safety measures, fire doors are a strict legal requirement These measures include providing firefighting equipment, creating a clear escape plan and, of course, the installation of fire-rated doors, often simply referred to as fire doors. We offer a comprehensive selection of fire doors to suit any application, with ratings of up to FD120.

Bespoke doors that will be subject to high-frequency usage, such as in hospitals and busy catering establishments, need to offer extra protection in order to provide the longest possible useful service life. Strong, durable and aesthetically-pleasing to boot, our range of veneers and finishes offer superior resistance to scratching and we also use a unique beading system to ensure flushness with the glazing below. Extra edge and face protection can be supplied as required.

Glazing is essential to many applications and, as well as permitting natural light to enter and providing a useful way to check inside a room without opening the door, gives an attractive, professional appearance. Panels can be fitted anywhere on our bespoke doors and our use of the effective Lorient FFi Glazing System gives them a guaranteed FD30 fire door rating.

Our website offers instant access to our full collection, which is presented in standard sizes and shapes – these physical properties can be infinitely customised before glazing, fitting and finishing options are selected. Start by browsing the collection before contacting a member of our skilled and experienced team to discuss your individual requirements.

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Bespoke Doorsets at University of York

Excitement is building as the finishing touches are put to a brand new, state-of-the-art teaching facility at the world-renowned University of York. The new building, which features an array of laboratories and a technology and computer suite designed to accommodate 120 students, is fitted with a diverse range of doors and doorsets proudly provided by BCS.

In 1963, the University of York admitted its first 200 students to the two buildings, Heslington Hall and King’s Manor, that comprised the original site. An immediate success, the new university quickly built another, larger building which now forms the establishment’s main centre. More than thirty departments make up the University of York, offering a wide range of subjects and pushing the establishment into the top ten in the UK.

The new building will be used frequently by a large volume of students and staff and so all are designed to be strong, safe and extremely durable. As the university is subject to a strict budget, cost-effectiveness was high on their list of priorities and we were able to supply doors, through MWS Joinery of Rotherham, (preferred sub-contractor of main contractor, Shepherd Construction), that fully met their combined need for high safety levels with a realistic price.

A diverse and extensive selection of doors were required for the project. With a mix of fire rated and non-fire rated door cores, many of which were acoustically rated and with glazed vision panels, each door was faced with American White Oak veneer and finished with a protective clear lacquer with effective anti-microbial properties.

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TK Maxx Refurbishments – BCS Doorsets Supplied

Bespoke Complete Services are working in close partnership with Suffolk-based building contractor Albany Interiors to supply a range of doors to several new TK Maxx stores. The latest delivery of successfully-completed doorsets, to TK Maxx in Hull, marks the second of five stores we will be supplying doors to; plans are currently being made to manufacture further doorsets for 16 more stores around the UK during 2014.

TK Maxx is the European trading name for the American store chain TJ Maxx that was founded in 1976, and was renamed to avoid it being confused with Europe-wide retailer TJ Hughes, with which TJ Maxx have no affiliation. Within Europe, TK Maxx have more than 300 stores and, as well as selling the clothing they are most well-known for, also supply a wide range of furniture, toys and beauty accessories. The company participate in a wide range of charity work, most notably being the only retailer chosen to stock Red Nose Day t-shirts for Comic Relief.

All of the doorsets supplied to TK Maxx feature our severe-duty rated solid timber cores and are faced with primed, heavy-duty foil wrap. Each door will sit perfectly in a solid rebated timber frame which, factory-primed, is of a 45mm section with varying wall depths. The doors to be used in the store area have been faced with high-pressure laminate which, in contrasting colours of cream and brown, will offer a pleasing aesthetic to customers. In areas where there is potential for damage, such as busy stockrooms, the doors have been fitted with the pvc edge-guards often used in hospital doorsets to provide added protection from bumps and bangs from transportation trolleys.

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The Royal Preston Hospital – New Doorsets Ready to be Delivered

The Bespoke Complete Services team has been working hard to complete the manufacture of several doorsets to be used within a new unit at the Royal Preston Hospital. All of the doors are now completed and are ready delivered to the site, where they will be expertly and professionally installed by specialist building contractor DG Builders.

The Royal Preston Hospital is itself a relatively new site which was designed to bring together the city’s somewhat disparate array of medical services. Many of the units were transferred from Sharoe Green Hospital with the last service, Neurology Rehabilitation, relocating to the Preston site in late 2013. Royal Preston Hospital now comprises a vast and comprehensive array of state-of-the-art services and technologies including dedicated oncology and dialysis clinics, a selection of modern scanners and a world-leading maternity unit. The new unit, in remembrance of Royal Preston Hospital’s predecessor, is named Sharoe Green.

More than 30 pre-hung (on class 13 s/s hinges) doors were supplied to this extensive project. Each was built to impeccable standards with our severe-duty solid particleboard core, faced with quality American ask veneer and finished with a double coat of protective UV lacquer to offer unmatched resistance to damage. To increase safety for staff and patients, the doors were further coated with an anti-microbial finish of professional healthcare standard.

Vision panels were included in the doors and these were glazed using Pyroshield FR30-rated wired glass, laminated for extra strength and ease-of-maintenance. The panels were beaded, with matching hardwood cloaking beads, using our innovative flush-bead system that prevents damage to the doors and offers an extended service life.

As a publicly-funded body, Royal Preston Hospital sought to balance the need for superlative quality with a restricted budgetary allowance. We were proud to offer the best, most-competitive rate for our quality doorsets and delivery to the site was included in our final attractive quote.

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Sonic Solutions – The Acoustic Door

A great number of buildings require effective systems to control and limit the spread of sound within. This is particularly true of working environments such as offices, schools and hospitals, where excessive noise levels have a proven negative impact on staff health, morale and productivity. The installation of high-quality acoustic doorsets is an ideal way to combat the problem of ambient noise inside buildings.

Acoustic doors are used in a wide variety of environments. As well as creating comfortable working environments, acoustic doors offer an increased level of privacy and are therefore perfectly suited for use in hotels and other types of shared accommodation. In some cases, such as with recording studios, courtrooms and operating theatres, complete silence is necessary; totally soundproof doors can be used to ensure this isolation.

The word acoustic derives from Greek and means to hear. Acoustic science, which is being increasingly studied, is the study of all sound waves across the spectrum from ultrasound to vibration. Applying the science to materials has led to the development of incredibly-effective acoustic doors manufactured with ever-improving techniques.

Bespoke Complete Services offer a fully-optimised selection of acoustic doorsets featuring the very latest acoustic seals and created using advanced manufacturing techniques. As well as guaranteed results in terms of sound reduction, our acoustic doors are of superior mechanical durability and strength, display high resistance to fire and feature innovative smoke-containment systems. Independently tested to ensure complete adherence to the strict specifications set out in BS476 Pt.22 for FD applications.

As with all of our doorsets, complete versatility in terms of construction and aesthetic is provided as standard. We offer either a tri-laminate hardwood timber or solid particleboard core, each of which represents an environmentally-friendly choice; the core is then customised to precisely suit its intended application. To complete the door, a diverse selection of veneers and paint grades can then be selected from.

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Strong, Safe and Stylish – Veneered Doors

Ideal for an astonishingly-diverse array of commercial, private and public building developments, the Bespoke Complete Services range of veneered doors offer the perfect combination of form, function and cost-effectiveness. By teaming traditional craft techniques with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, we create veneered doors are guaranteed to exceed expectations.

The word ‘veneer’ comes from the Old French word fournir, meaning ‘to furnish’. Originally a respected and revered art form developed in Ancient Egypt to beautify furniture, ornaments and sarcophagi, veneering is now a widely-used method of adding strength to building materials such as brick and stone as well as timber.

We supply our veneered doors from stock though bespoke arrangements can be quickly and easily made. There are five standard sizes available in both FD60 and FD30 applications and each door features our innovative, market-leading solid particleboard core. This core has been subjected to intense and rigorous testing; easily passing the acoustic, fire and mechanical standards set out by the highly-regulated industry; the core has also received independent third-party certification which is commonly regarded as the best endorsement any product is able to achieve. The gruelling PAS23 test, which subjects the door to half a million cycles, failed to have any negative impact at all and the results officially confirmed that there was “no evident degradation of the ironmongery fixings”. All materials used in the construction of the doors are sustainably-sourced, making them an incredibly environmentally-friendly choice.

Our veneered doors, as well as displaying highly-effective function, are designed to create a clean, professional and attractive aesthetic. Matching lipping on each edge of the door has been skilfully concealed and there is a choice of six crown-cut veneers, all of which have a beautiful semi-matt lacquered finish.

One of the most popular choices is the Ewood door which, available to buy at an extremely-competitive price and made-to-order on the shortest of lead times, can be supplied in any bespoke shape or size. The Ewood door is available with or without either glazed or non-glazed vision panels, further adding to its versatility.

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Salford Royal Renovation – Update from BCS

Our involvement with the large-scale renovation work being carried out at Salford Royal continues with the further installation of a number of specially-designed doors and doorsets. Working closely with contractors City Build and RIBA-chartered Day Architectural Design, a highly-regarded and -experienced architectural practice, Bespoke Complete Services have created and adapted several protection strategy solutions for doors in all areas of the large hospital; with a focus on prolonging service-life and thus making substantial savings in repair and replacement work, these doorsets are guaranteed to function to their optimal level for many years to come, easily withstanding and absorbing the regular wear and tear they will be subject to in the busy environment.

Salford Royal stands on the site of the former Hope Hospital, where a medical facility has stood since the year 1882. Rated ‘excellent’ by the Healthcare Commission, one of only 19 hospitals in the country to receive this superlative rating, Salford Royal successfully serves thousands of patients and provides many jobs; the hospital houses a range of world-class research facilities including the state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner.

As they are located in such a busy, populous environment, the hospital’s doors are naturally subject to an extremely high frequency of use. Added to this are the many impacts the doors must withstand such as from trolleys, wheelchairs and sundry medical equipment. Poor-quality doors quickly begin to show signs of this wear and tear, requiring costly and regular maintenance and repair; the doors created and provided by Bespoke Complete Services make use of a range of techniques to ensure they are strong enough to withstand these constant attacks.

Here you can see images of some of the doors already installed. The doors are faced with Formica Calcium New Laminate and feature exposed solid lip on each of their edges. In one image, you can see how we have created a steel corner section routed into the edge of the frame to provide a fully-flush finish; this doorset offers unmatched edge protection from impact and is a design exclusive to Bespoke Complete Services. To further increase the strength and thus life-expectancy of this doorset, high-impact PVC with a thickness of 2mm has been applied to the lower half of the door leaf.

Another image shows a doorset featuring a glazed vision panel. Such panels are commonly secured using ‘hockey-stick’ beading though these inferior beads are unsuitable to high-frequency environments due to their tendency to become separated due to their protrusion. Developed and optimised by Bespoke Complete Services, our glazing beads are designed to fit flush with the surface of the door, meaning that they can never become separated.

The work at Salford Royal is ongoing; please check back soon for more updates or subscribe to our regular newsletter to make sure you always stay up-to-date with Bespoke Complete Services. For more information, please contact the team on 01254 777142 or email