Bespoke Doors and Doorsets – Made to your Design

Every new-build or renovation project is unique, with a myriad of factors having to be brought seamlessly together to complete the work successfully. Doors and doorsets form an integral and essential part of this set of individual circumstances and must be sourced from an experienced, methodical and reliable provider such as Bespoke Complete Services – our proven track record in this sector speaks for itself.

Our bespoke doors are consistently chosen by a host of professional organisations including both public and private. A diverse project portfolio takes in a range of major universities, schools, hospitals, clinics, restaurants and more, where our bespoke doors and doorsets have been used to improve both the functionality and aesthetic of these buildings.

Particularly in the public sector, where the law demands that all buildings to be used by the public (including workplaces) have in place adequate fire safety measures, fire doors are a strict legal requirement These measures include providing firefighting equipment, creating a clear escape plan and, of course, the installation of fire-rated doors, often simply referred to as fire doors. We offer a comprehensive selection of fire doors to suit any application, with ratings of up to FD120.

Bespoke doors that will be subject to high-frequency usage, such as in hospitals and busy catering establishments, need to offer extra protection in order to provide the longest possible useful service life. Strong, durable and aesthetically-pleasing to boot, our range of veneers and finishes offer superior resistance to scratching and we also use a unique beading system to ensure flushness with the glazing below. Extra edge and face protection can be supplied as required.

Glazing is essential to many applications and, as well as permitting natural light to enter and providing a useful way to check inside a room without opening the door, gives an attractive, professional appearance. Panels can be fitted anywhere on our bespoke doors and our use of the effective Lorient FFi Glazing System gives them a guaranteed FD30 fire door rating.

Our website offers instant access to our full collection, which is presented in standard sizes and shapes – these physical properties can be infinitely customised before glazing, fitting and finishing options are selected. Start by browsing the collection before contacting a member of our skilled and experienced team to discuss your individual requirements.

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Bespoke Doorsets at University of York

Excitement is building as the finishing touches are put to a brand new, state-of-the-art teaching facility at the world-renowned University of York. The new building, which features an array of laboratories and a technology and computer suite designed to accommodate 120 students, is fitted with a diverse range of doors and doorsets proudly provided by BCS.

In 1963, the University of York admitted its first 200 students to the two buildings, Heslington Hall and King’s Manor, that comprised the original site. An immediate success, the new university quickly built another, larger building which now forms the establishment’s main centre. More than thirty departments make up the University of York, offering a wide range of subjects and pushing the establishment into the top ten in the UK.

The new building will be used frequently by a large volume of students and staff and so all are designed to be strong, safe and extremely durable. As the university is subject to a strict budget, cost-effectiveness was high on their list of priorities and we were able to supply doors, through MWS Joinery of Rotherham, (preferred sub-contractor of main contractor, Shepherd Construction), that fully met their combined need for high safety levels with a realistic price.

A diverse and extensive selection of doors were required for the project. With a mix of fire rated and non-fire rated door cores, many of which were acoustically rated and with glazed vision panels, each door was faced with American White Oak veneer and finished with a protective clear lacquer with effective anti-microbial properties.

The University of York’s newest building will open next month and we look forward to receiving updates. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss this or any other important news and information from BCS.

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Fire Doors from Bespoke Complete Services

An essential feature required by law in all public buildings and workplaces, the fire door is a lifesaving device. By preventing the spread of flames and smoke, fire doors offer increased evacuation time to people inside the building while keeping the fire contained in a smaller area to facilitate extinguishing. Bespoke Complete Services provide a comprehensive selection of fire doorsets, which include frames and all other necessary components, designed to suit a wide range of applications from schools and universities to hospitals, offices and hotels.

All fire doors in the UK must meet the stringent legal building regulations known as ‘approved documents’ in relation to their fire-resistant qualities, taking into account accessibility, thermal efficiency, acoustic requirements and ventilation. Many are often designed to withstand fire for a particular amount of time and are given an equivalent FD rating (e.g. an FD120 fire-resistant door will offer 120 minutes of protection). Fire doorsets from Bespoke Complete Services have been fully tested and proven to meet or exceed every relevant health, safety and quality standard.

Supplied fully assembled and ready for installation, replacing the traditional and cumbersome process of ordering many disparate parts, our fire-rated doors centre on a particleboard or solid timber core which is layered with a wide choice of laminate, paint-grade and veneer finishes. The doors can also be fitted with glazed panels if required, with a choice of aperture sizes and shapes, glass type and bead style (cloak or flush). Manufactured using sustainable resources, fire-resistant doors from Bespoke Complete Services are guaranteed to be environmentally-friendly as well as extremely cost-effective.

As the name of our company suggests, we specialise in providing bespoke solutions designed to perfectly suit any unique project. Almost every aspect of our service can be personally configured, allowing the ideal doorset to be created no matter what shape or size.

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Bespoke Doors – Facilitating Regeneration

A brand new, high-specification apartment block in Manchester has been supplied with a range of customised doorsets by Bespoke Complete Solutions. Nuovo Apartments, located in Ancoats, forms part of a large regeneration scheme in the area and, when fully completed, will boast 166 new residences, of which 40 will be dedicated Affordable Homes. The ground floor of the building will be used for commercial development.

Ancoats takes its name from the Old English ana cots, meaning ‘lonely cottages’. Located just outside the city centre, Ancoats suffered economic decline for many years until its heritage became more widely recognised and the area began to see a sharp rise in investment. Now a desirable place to live and work, Ancoats continues to grow in importance with the development of Nuovo Apartments, which comprises a 13-storey tower accompanied by two smaller blocks.

The main contractor on the Nuovo Apartments project is Sir Robert McAlpine, a leading civil engineering company in the UK with over 140 years of experience. With a diverse and impressive project portfolio, ranging from the Olympic Stadium to the Eden Project, Sir Robert McAlpine insist on materials of impeccable, superlative quality in their work in order to maintain their unmatched reputation.

Sir Robert McAlpine chose Bespoke Comple Services to provide all of the external entrance doors and frames, manufactured in solid Iroko to specific requirements, based on our own impressive reputation for supplying quality products manufactured with close attention to detail, a critical factor on such an important and complex project.

All of the bespoke doors have now been supplied to Nuovo Apartments and we look forward to hearing more about the ongoing project.Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you never miss out on any of our updates.

In Pursuit of Excellence – Darwen Vale High School

Darwen Vale High School is home to hundreds of pupils from the local area, all of whom work together to “achieve their own personal excellence”, making the school one of the best in the region. The school was recently refurbished to make sure it is completely up-to-date and in compliance with relevant legislation; part of this refurbishment included the installation of many doorsets around the building which were expertly designed to match existing aesthetics while providing the required level of durability for such a demanding environment.

After researching the many doorset providers, Darwen Vale High School chose to employ Bespoke Complete Services to provide the required new doorsets for installation by contractors Balfour Beatty, thanks to our impressive longstanding reputation of providing similar high-quality products to a wide range of schools, colleges, universities and academies.

The refurbishment of Darwen Vale High School was part of the Building Schools for the Future Scheme, designed to initiate change in the education system through the provision of inspirational buildings. Benefiting from this scheme, Darwen High School has been kitted out with state-of-the-art computer suites along with a range of physical improvements.

Bespoke Complete Services were extremely proud to have provided more than 250 doorsets to the refurbishment project, including FD30, FD60, NFR and >35db acoustic products. All of the doors had been manufactured with a high-pressure Formica laminate face in order to deal with the frequent usage and, in addition, hardwood lips on all four edges and full edge protectors will provide extra support. Many of the doors featured integral vision panels which, glazed with strong and durable clear glass, will meet the extremely demanding acoustic and fire performance criteria.

In total, around 325 doors were produced for this project, all of which were locally manufactured and carry the highest ‘severe duty’ quality rating. The doors were produced in a range of colours and finishes to match existing aesthetics and will provide a long, low-maintenance service life.

This project is typical of the many carried out by Bespoke Complete Services. For more information on our products and services, please contact our team on 01254 777142 or email

New Year, New Doors

The New Year is a perfect time for renovation and Bespoke Complete Services are looking forward to completing several projects. In 2014, we will continue with our commitment to developing and producing bespoke doors and doorsets for a range of applications.

Specialists in the provision of professional doorsets to a diverse range of construction projects, Bespoke Complete Services offer products of the highest quality, officially certified to meet all relevant health, safety and quality requirements. As our doorsets are pre-assembled, installation time is dramatically reduced, leading to noticeable savings in labour cost as compared to more traditional methods of door replacement or installation. From high-performance acoustic doorsets to fire doors and ‘severe duty’ doors, our comprehensive range can be personalised with more than 300 veneers and on incredibly short lead times.

‘Severe Duty’ doorsets feature the innovative Strebord core, offering a superlative level of strength, safety and functionality. These doors are regularly installed to a variety of establishments, particularly educational facilities such as schools, colleges, universities and academies. Independently tested to extensive levels under official British Standard conditions, doors with the Strebord core are guaranteed to provide a long, low-maintenance service life.

Bespoke Complete Services also supply a range of performance doorsets, many of which are used in hospitals and other medical facilities. These doors feature added protection such as aluminium facing and edging to make sure that the constant knocks and bumps from hospital trolleys and wheelchairs do not cause damage.

The patented Safehinge, with its curved aluminium profile and specialist pivot set, ensures that fingers cannot become trapped. Suitable for use in all buildings, the Safehinge aims to reduce the 30,000 serious cases of finger injury that happen every year. Quick and easy to install, the Safehinge can be added to any of our range of doorsets.

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Bespoke Doorsets – A Comprehensive Choice

For all your specialist bespoke joinery and doorset requirements, Bespoke Complete Services is the professional choice. At the heart of our business is a passion for creating products that meet the unique demands of each application from the functional to the aesthetic.

Bespoke Complete Services specialise in providing construction projects with a range of doorsets. Pre-assembled, the doorsets are installed much more quickly than when using more traditional methods, saving valuable labour hours and cost. From fire doors and acoustic doorsets to ‘severe duty’ and high-performance doorsets, our range can be supplied with a choice of over 300 veneers with the shortest possible lead time.

Our commitment to developing and improving our bespoke fire door core culminated with it being awarded the maximum ‘Severe Duty’ performance level in official British Standard tests; under the strict conditions of PAS23, these doorsets were found to achieve more than 500,000 cycles. Strebord-cored doorsets are particularly suited to all types of education facilities and have been used at many schools and colleges around the country including Liverpool John Moores University, Garstang Academy, St. Ambrose in Manchester and St. Bede’s here in Blackburn.

Many hospitals have used our performance doorsets, designed to offer the extra protection required in such busy buildings. Constant use means hospital doors must be adequately strong and durable to continue working at an optimal level; a particular problem is caused by hospital trolleys, gurneys and wheelchairs constantly banging into doors. Our performance doorsets can be supplied with a host of protective features including aluminium & PVC edging and facing, which can be used to cover all or part of the door. Non-protruding beads, lying flush with the door, stay strongly adhered, avoiding the potential for tearing that is common in heavy-traffic areas like hospitals.

All of our doors can be supplied with the innovative Safehinge, which uses a curved aluminium profile and a specialist pivot set to ensure the danger of trapped fingers is removed. Both schools and hospitals are perfect places for the Safehinge to be used as over 30,000 children trap and injure their fingers in doors every year in the United Kingdom. Quickly and easily installed, the Safehinge is an essential addition to any doorset.

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Burnley UTC

The Grade II listed Victoria Mill complex, known locally as The Weavers Triangle, has been transformed with the help of Bespoke products. The site, once at the heart of Burnley’s textile industry, encompasses many listed industrial buildings & heritage assets & is one of the finest surviving Victorian landscapes in the UK.

The first phase of this major re-development has now been completed with the opening of the North West’s first University Technical College (UTC). The college provides technical study to 800 students aged between 14-19 specialising in construction & engineering.

Bespoke were tasked to produce an array of specialist doors and doorsets to compliment the existing features of the buildings. Doorsets were manufactured in European Quarter cut Oak veneer and high pressure laminate to varying fire and acoustic performance criteria including FD30 & FD60 rated doorsets and 35db acoustic doorsets. The fast track programme meant that the doorsets were provided in just under 4 weeks form site measure to final delivery.

Bespoke joinery for designer shoppers

Bespoke Complete Services supplied 40+ shop front entrances and bespoke doors in Douglas Fir. The entrance sets comprising of a pair of clear douglas fir doors in fanlight frames to architectural specification. The doors were manufactured using ‘Tec-Timber’ a laminated timber which can be relied upon to produce virtually defect free straight and stable joinery components. For more details call us on 01254 777142 or e-mail us at

Savvy shoppers know all about Bicester Village. It’s a treasure trove of designer labels in the heart of the Oxfordshire, offering reductions of up to 60 per cent all year round.  Just an hour from London in a charming open-air setting, Bicester Village is host to more than 120 luxury outlet boutiques, including Valentino, Anya Hindmarch, Amanda Wakeley, Dunhill. Agent Provocateur, Alexander McQueen, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Seven 4 All Mankind, Temperley London, Vivienne Westwood, and the soon to open Armani and Gucci.