Acoustic Doors – The Sound of Silence

Although the Greek-derived word acoustic means simply ‘audible’, the study of Acoustic Science takes into account every sound wave, including those which are inaudible to humans such as ultrasound. The science also concerns itself with vibration, applying acoustic principles to solid materials in order to create products such as sound-reducing and totally soundproof doors.

Acoustic doors are used in a diverse and extensive array of environments where the effective control of sound is necessary. These environments range from offices, where ambient noise from other workers and office machinery etc. can lower productivity and interrupt important meetings to schools, colleges and universities, where professional acoustic doorsets will allow students the quiet they need in order to study effectively. Acoustic doors are also often used in areas of shared accommodation to add privacy, in establishments such as hotels, schools and hospitals or other medical facilities.

Certain environments require absolute silence to function correctly; places such as operating theatres, courtrooms, recording studios and academic examination rooms – installing totally soundproof acoustic doorsets is necessary in such cases.

Bespoke Complete Services specialise in providing state-of-the-art professional acoustic doors and doorsets for all of these environments and more. Utilising advanced, optimised manufacturing techniques to process materials of the highest quality, we create doorsets featuring powerful and innovative acoustic seals, offering many years of low-maintenance strength, style usability and durability. As well as guaranteeing the stated level of acoustic protection, our environmentally-friendly solid particleboard or tri-laminate hardwood timber cores at the heart of our acoustic doors also display high fire resistance and smoke-containment qualities.

Our acoustic doors, as with our entire range of professional doorsets, offer total versatility when it comes to constructional and aesthetic choices – check out our selection of high-grade laminates, paint grades and veneers.

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Sonic Solutions – The Acoustic Door

A great number of buildings require effective systems to control and limit the spread of sound within. This is particularly true of working environments such as offices, schools and hospitals, where excessive noise levels have a proven negative impact on staff health, morale and productivity. The installation of high-quality acoustic doorsets is an ideal way to combat the problem of ambient noise inside buildings.

Acoustic doors are used in a wide variety of environments. As well as creating comfortable working environments, acoustic doors offer an increased level of privacy and are therefore perfectly suited for use in hotels and other types of shared accommodation. In some cases, such as with recording studios, courtrooms and operating theatres, complete silence is necessary; totally soundproof doors can be used to ensure this isolation.

The word acoustic derives from Greek and means to hear. Acoustic science, which is being increasingly studied, is the study of all sound waves across the spectrum from ultrasound to vibration. Applying the science to materials has led to the development of incredibly-effective acoustic doors manufactured with ever-improving techniques.

Bespoke Complete Services offer a fully-optimised selection of acoustic doorsets featuring the very latest acoustic seals and created using advanced manufacturing techniques. As well as guaranteed results in terms of sound reduction, our acoustic doors are of superior mechanical durability and strength, display high resistance to fire and feature innovative smoke-containment systems. Independently tested to ensure complete adherence to the strict specifications set out in BS476 Pt.22 for FD applications.

As with all of our doorsets, complete versatility in terms of construction and aesthetic is provided as standard. We offer either a tri-laminate hardwood timber or solid particleboard core, each of which represents an environmentally-friendly choice; the core is then customised to precisely suit its intended application. To complete the door, a diverse selection of veneers and paint grades can then be selected from.

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Sound Control – The Science of Acoustics

In many environments, such as schools, hospitals, music studios, hotels and offices, it is important to limit the spread of ambient noise from one area to another. Installing acoustic doors is an effective solution to the problem and Bespoke Complete Services offer a full range designed to perfectly suit your particular requirements.

Particularly in working environments, excess noise can have a dramatic negative impact on productivity levels; countless surveys of students and office workers have proven this fact time and time again. Some environments, such as operating theatres and recording studios, require complete isolation from distracting outside noises in order to function at their optimum level. In these areas, as with almost every aspect of society, the application of acoustic science is present.

Acoustic derives from the Greek verb ἀκούω, which means “to hear” (the Latinised equivalent of the word is sonic). Centring around the study of mechanical waves, including all levels of sound from vibration to ultrasound, acoustic science is continually applied across our daily lives.

At Bespoke Complete Services, we have developed and optimised our acoustic doorsets to the highest level, seamless incorporating state-of-the-art construction techniques and acoustic seals. Guaranteeing a high level of sound reduction, our acoustic doorsets also offer high mechanical strength and durability, smoke containment systems and an excellent resistance to fire. To ensure full peace-of-mind, our doorsets have been fully independently tested to meet the BS476 Pt.22 standard for both FD60 and FD30 applications.

A variety of configurations are available to perfectly met any bespoke requirement. Two different types of core (solid particle board and tri-laminate hardwood timber) can be chosen from, each offering an environmentally choice that can then be customised to requirements. To complete your chosen doors, a choice of paint grades and veneers is available.

As well as noise-reducing doors, Bespoke Complete Services are also expert providers of completely soundproof doors for use in environments where complete silence is required. Call our team today to find our more about these quality doors.

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New Year, New Doors

The New Year is a perfect time for renovation and Bespoke Complete Services are looking forward to completing several projects. In 2014, we will continue with our commitment to developing and producing bespoke doors and doorsets for a range of applications.

Specialists in the provision of professional doorsets to a diverse range of construction projects, Bespoke Complete Services offer products of the highest quality, officially certified to meet all relevant health, safety and quality requirements. As our doorsets are pre-assembled, installation time is dramatically reduced, leading to noticeable savings in labour cost as compared to more traditional methods of door replacement or installation. From high-performance acoustic doorsets to fire doors and ‘severe duty’ doors, our comprehensive range can be personalised with more than 300 veneers and on incredibly short lead times.

‘Severe Duty’ doorsets feature the innovative Strebord core, offering a superlative level of strength, safety and functionality. These doors are regularly installed to a variety of establishments, particularly educational facilities such as schools, colleges, universities and academies. Independently tested to extensive levels under official British Standard conditions, doors with the Strebord core are guaranteed to provide a long, low-maintenance service life.

Bespoke Complete Services also supply a range of performance doorsets, many of which are used in hospitals and other medical facilities. These doors feature added protection such as aluminium facing and edging to make sure that the constant knocks and bumps from hospital trolleys and wheelchairs do not cause damage.

The patented Safehinge, with its curved aluminium profile and specialist pivot set, ensures that fingers cannot become trapped. Suitable for use in all buildings, the Safehinge aims to reduce the 30,000 serious cases of finger injury that happen every year. Quick and easy to install, the Safehinge can be added to any of our range of doorsets.

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Bespoke Doorsets – Our Express Service

Bespoke Complete Services recognise that doors and doorsets are sometimes required at extremely short notice. To allow for this eventuality, we are proud to provide an express service that can supply your bespoke order within just 24 hours.

We supply our products to a diverse range of organisations including a large number of hospitals and educational establishments. The unique and ever-changing demands of each organisation often necessitate the quick and simple installation of a variety of doors, a fact which can often cause a problem for less reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Offering guaranteed fabrication and delivery of all bespoke veneered doorsets and joinery, our express service operates nationwide and provides products of the highest possible standard.

A wide range of our doors is available on our express service. This range includes:

  • Doors with FD60 and FD30 fire ratings
  • Acoustic doorsets offering protection of up to 40 decibels
  • Foil-wrapped doors of paint grade
  • Veneered doors; these are fully-finished (two coats semi matt UV lacquer) a choice of over 300 commercial veneers

In line with our strict environmental policy, all timber used in the fabrication of our quality doors has been exclusively sourced from officially-managed forests, ensuring sustainability for the future. Evidence of compliance with all regulations is closely monitored and Bespoke Complete Solutions continue to reduce our own carbon footprint; recent investment in an energy-efficient heating system at our premises has reduced our gas requirement by 70%.

Although this service is fast, there is absolutely no compromise on the quality of all doorsets provided by Bespoke Complete Services; all relevant official health and safety specifications are met and exceeded by our quality range of professional doorsets.

As our service is designed to be bespoke, accommodating the unique needs of each project, our team are always available to quickly offer a competitive quote based on your individual lead time and project requirement.

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Burnley UTC

The Grade II listed Victoria Mill complex, known locally as The Weavers Triangle, has been transformed with the help of Bespoke products. The site, once at the heart of Burnley’s textile industry, encompasses many listed industrial buildings & heritage assets & is one of the finest surviving Victorian landscapes in the UK.

The first phase of this major re-development has now been completed with the opening of the North West’s first University Technical College (UTC). The college provides technical study to 800 students aged between 14-19 specialising in construction & engineering.

Bespoke were tasked to produce an array of specialist doors and doorsets to compliment the existing features of the buildings. Doorsets were manufactured in European Quarter cut Oak veneer and high pressure laminate to varying fire and acoustic performance criteria including FD30 & FD60 rated doorsets and 35db acoustic doorsets. The fast track programme meant that the doorsets were provided in just under 4 weeks form site measure to final delivery.

Acoustic Doorsets – successful testing for Bespoke

More Acoustic Doorsets were recently tested at the SRL (Sound Research Laboratories) by Bespoke Complete Services with successful results. Our success will allow us to provide more products and services to this ever demanding and increasing marketplace.


The principles associated with testing for ‘acoustic’ or ‘sound attenuating’ doors & doorsets are very simple. The ‘specimen’ sample is fitted between a transmirring room and a receiving room (see pictures attached). Sound is then generated across the full frequency range determined by reference to the test standard in the transmitting room. The sound pressure levels on the receiving room side of the specimen are then measured. The sound pressure levels recorded in the receiving room can then be deducted from the sound pressure levels in the transmitting room with the resultant loss in sound presuure levels measured in decibels recorded at each of the measured frequences.

Acoustics is a term that is used in connection with doorsets and when considering the acoustics of a room or acoustics relates to a number of considerations. When sound is generated the ‘loudness’ refers to sound pressure which is expressed in decibels ‘dB’. When striking a surface some sound will be reflected, some will be absorbed and some will pass through the structure. Sound will also lose energy with distance. Other issues are the influence of sound created outside of the measured space and the ability of the structure to minimise the influence of an acoustic space by preventing or reducing the transfer of external sound through a structure. This is referred to as ‘sound attenuation’ and it is the measure that generally applies to structures between spaces. Thus when refering to acoustic doors we generally mean ‘sound attenuating doors’.

ISO 140 sets out the range of frequencies used for the purpose of testing for acoustic performances. The test procedure for the measurement of sound attenuation is described by reference to BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995