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Veneered Doors Feature in Award Winning Development

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 9 December 2011

A popular choice within many homes, veneered doorsets when manufactured professionally are extremely high in quality and can have a number of desired finishes applied to them.

They are perfect for any private, public or commercial development and their potential was obviously realised by an award winning house builder who is just about to unveil a small and extremely select development at Tonbridge, Kent.

It will not be till late on in the year when the development will be made available but it is made if of six houses in total some are four bedroom and some are five. Most contain a double garage and are of a reasonably large size however, what is interesting is that all contain a number of veneered doors throughout.

These were oak finish veneered doors which were used internally and provided the perfect transition from room to room. Our e-Wood crown cut veneered doors in white oak are an extremely popular choice for many.

You can get your standard sized veneered doors direct from Bespoke Complete Services stock; they are available in two applications either FD 30 or FD 60. Alternatively for those who require a non standard size veneered doors then we can make a number of differently sized veneered doors for you.

This particular housing development chose to use veneered doors in oak finish however we have a full range of finishes available on Bespoke Complete Services Veneered Doors:

The Maple Wood Grange Housing Development as it has been named is positioned just 45 minutes from the centre of London. There has been a lot of construction and building going on within London and if you have a project which requires a number of doorsets whether they are standard size or bespoke then make sure you get in contact with us.

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