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New Year, New Doors

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 14 January 2014

The New Year is a perfect time for renovation and Bespoke Complete Services are looking forward to completing several projects. In 2014, we will continue with our commitment to developing and producing bespoke doors and doorsets for a range of applications.

Specialists in the provision of professional doorsets to a diverse range of construction projects, Bespoke Complete Services offer products of the highest quality, officially certified to meet all relevant health, safety and quality requirements. As our doorsets are pre-assembled, installation time is dramatically reduced, leading to noticeable savings in labour cost as compared to more traditional methods of door replacement or installation. From high-performance acoustic¬†doorsets to fire doors and ‘severe duty’ doors, our comprehensive range can be personalised with more than 300 veneers and on incredibly short lead times.

‘Severe Duty’ doorsets feature the innovative Strebord core, offering a superlative level of strength, safety and functionality. These doors are regularly installed to a variety of establishments, particularly educational facilities such as schools, colleges, universities and academies. Independently tested to extensive levels under official British Standard conditions, doors with the Strebord core are guaranteed to provide a long, low-maintenance service life.

Bespoke Complete Services also supply a range of performance doorsets, many of which are used in hospitals and other medical facilities. These doors feature added protection such as aluminium facing and edging to make sure that the constant knocks and bumps from hospital trolleys and wheelchairs do not cause damage.

The patented Safehinge, with its curved aluminium profile and specialist pivot set, ensures that fingers cannot become trapped. Suitable for use in all buildings, the Safehinge aims to reduce the 30,000 serious cases of finger injury that happen every year. Quick and easy to install, the Safehinge can be added to any of our range of doorsets.

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