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Maintaining Fire Doors and Fire Doorsets

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 21 July 2011

Fire doors and fire doorsets regularly save lives in the event of a fire. Not only do they save lives but they also protect property from fire damage too. It is a regulation that in public buildings such as hospitals, schools, offices and various others that fire doors and fire doorsets are in place.

It is all well and good having one in place but if the door has not been regularly inspected and maintained then the life saving properties and features which it has may not perform how they should on the one and only occasion when you need it most  when there is a fire and you need those extra vital minutes of breathing time in order to escape!

Ideally in a building such as a hospital or school where the fire doors will be used on a daily basis it is important that the doors are checked at least once a week.

What do you check for when inspecting a fire door or fire doorset?

You should always check that there is nothing in place which is obstructing the door, this could be a foreign body or object which has simply got in the way and is preventing the door from closing or opening. If there is anything then you should remove it immediately so that the door can be opened fully or closed.

Next you should check the seals, intrumescent seals are put in place to effectively respond to certain high temperatures and thus to expand closing the gap and preventing smoke, fire and any fumes from entering. Ensure that the seals are properly fitted and that there is no damage to them, if there is then you should see to this instantly, it could save your life. You should check seals at intervals no greater than 6 months.

Mechanical items such as hinges, locks, latches, closer, floor springs and other ironmongery items will wear over time. You should replace these or lubricate these to ensure they work correctly. If door hardwear is worn then you should find products of the same specification as the original and replace.

Bespoke Complete Services have a door servicing service where these items can be attached for you.

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