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How Does a Fire Door Work?

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 11 October 2011

Fire doors are provided in a doorset assembly which will include the fire door, frame and other needed pieces. It can offer many safety benefits to a building.

Fire doors are designed to be kept closed at all times. However, some fire doors are designed to stay open and then close automatically if there should happen to be a fire. Whichever doorset is used, there should never be a door stop that could restrict the door’s movement.

The fire door works by helping to restrict the access of more oxygen and slows smoke from spreading further throughout the building. Fire doors greatly increase the time people have to escape and help keep the fire contained which enables firefighters and sprinklers to quench the fire more easily.

Fire doors are made with non-flammable materials, generally the outside of the door is made of metal or wood and then on the inside you will find a bespoke particleboard core and other fillers. The fire door core will have passed the industry’s rigorous fire / mechanical & acoustic test standards and be subjected to independent third party certification which is the highest form of endorsement a product can achieve.

Fire doors are often rated and tested to withstand a fire for a specified period of time. Here at bcs-l we can offer an array of fire doors, choices in respect of fire doors rating (FD30 up to FD120) which provide up to 120 minutes of protection, any finish (paint grade or veneer), variety of aperture shapes and sizes with a choice of glass type as appropriate for the application, including a variation in the bead type (flush or cloak).

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