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Going Round in Circles, Circular Screens

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 17 November 2011

Bespoke Complete Services have recently completed a project in Blackburn which required a number of circular screens to be fitted. Although at times it felt like we were going round in circles when fitting them, the job is now complete!

These screens are available in two options:

In this case the hardwood was chosen; the screens were used within a rehabilitation centre to create little hubs. These were various rooms which were going to be used for different purposes and activities to aid the rehabilitation of those who heavily relied upon this service.

We watched as the rehabilitation centre circular screens were fitted and ensured that every little detail was perfect. At first the idea was to just have veneered doors fitted into each room but we suggested that to keep in with the modern and stylish look our circular screens may well look better, and they did!

You can see from the attached pictures just how fantastic the circular screens look. They are ideal for use in healthcare, schools, offices and various other applications.

In addition to the circular screens we also fitted a combination entrance frame too and this is shown in the pictures. A requirement of this was our door servicing; we had to ensure that the door was fully prepared for ironmongery application.

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