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FD30 Fire Doors Dangerously Blocked

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 20 July 2011

Following an investigation it was announced that three popular nightspots in the North East of England had locked, blocked or obstructed fire doors whilst hundreds of people were inside.

The investigation took place last Saturday and was carried out on 3 locations in the City centre and every single one breached more than one fire safety regulation.  Amongst the issues of the fire doors the bars were also found to be overcrowded and even had fire detection systems deactivated.

However, it has since been revealed that after some stern words all three have corrected their issues and thus no evacuation orders needed to be issued. Police have stated that breaches such as these, where a person may be prevented from evacuating a building will see licensees face the full force of the law.

Unfortunately if a fire had broken out then hundreds would be trapped inside. Fire doors are a legal requirement in places such as schools, hospitals, nightclubs, bars and many other public places.

The bespoke particleboard core fire doors are a market leader for 44mm FD30 & 54mm FD60 fire rated leaves. The core has passed the industry’s rigorous fire / mechanical & acoustic test standards and has been subjected to independent third party certification- the highest form of endorsement a product can achieve.

Fire Doors from Bespoke Complete Services are made up of a fire rated core (particleboard core, solid timber core) and finished with solid matching hardwood lippings with a face finish of choice. The face finish can be paint grade (primed or in-the-white), real wood veneer, with a choice of 6 standard stock veneers or alternatively over 300+ commercially available veneers, and Laminate.

We can offer an array of fire doors and fire doorsets, choices in respect of fire doors rating (FD30 up to FD120), finish (paint grade or veneer) variety of aperture shapes and sizes with a choice of glass type as appropriate for the application, including a variation in the bead type (flush or cloak).

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