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Doors and Doorsets do not just blend!

Posted by Stephen Waddicor on 11 September 2011

Doors! To many people doors are just something which blends into our everyday lives. However, many people actually underestimate their extreme importance; they enhance the overall aesthetics and also provide some really great functional features.

Doors provide access into buildings and rooms whilst acting as a form of security and privacy. In some cases some doors can even provide insulation so that noise from one room is prevented from entering another room. These can be in the form of acoustic doors, we currently supply a number of acoustic doors which meet a number of acoustic doorset and fire performance tests.

They incorporate the latest acoustic seal and construction techniques as well as ensuring a high level of noise is actually reduced. Whilst coping with all this they also have been made to resist fire, mechanical strength and durability and smoke containment.

As well as providing noise insulation doors actually act sometimes as a form of fire separation between various sections of buildings biding more time for anyone inside to escape in the unfortunate event of a fire.

As well as providing a number of functional features doors and doorsets also enhance the aesthetics of a building adding style. Thermal insulation is something which is important; doors help to provide thermal insulation from both the exterior as well as interior between rooms.

Doors which incorporate vision panels can act to allow light to enter into a hallway or room similar to a window. Our door servicing can be carried out in our factory saving any hassle on site. Items such as vision panels can be easily made a feature of a door through our vision panel service.

Doors and doorsets can be fitted with certain ironmongery such as hinges, handles, locks and others which can also help to make the door look visually more pleasing to the eye.

Bespoke Complete Services have a full range of doors and doorsets, our on time solutions means that if you have a requirement for a number of doors we can have them delivered direct to you on site.

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