Can You Put Glass Into a Fire Door?

In the bid to gain more light into a property many people choose to add, replace or modify their internal doors by adding glass to them. This may well be okay in a normal veneered door but can you add glass into a FD30 or FD60 fire door?

Now within our homes there are different requirements to that of a home which we rent from a landlord or a communal flat. In general terms all fire safety information can be found in the Building Regulations. Usually they concern providing a safe escape route in the unfortunate event of a fire.

If we take a communal block of flats then the most important element is to ensure that the main staircase which provides access and also acts as an exit is protected in the unfortunate event of a fire. In addition to this any landings and entrance halls need to be protected; if a fire does break out then any occupants in flats situated above a fire would be able to get out safely when the correct protection is in place.

Any existing fire door can be modified or replaced in order to include a glass panel to allow light. However, this glass panel has to be heat-resistant glass which is mounted within a suitable enclosure.  Fire safety whether within a rented home or one in which you own yourself should never be something which you take lightly.

Fire doors act to bide you more time to escape within the unfortunate event of a fire they act to either be open as an exit route or closed to act as a barrier preventing the fire from spreading.

The British Woodworking Federation Certifire fire door scheme is a major organization which provides our fire ratings. Our FD30 and FD60 fire doors are their fire ratings which are stated in minutes prefixed by FD.

Commonly used specified integrity levels are:

  • FD30 30 minutes
  • FD60 60 minutes
  • FD90 90 minutes
  • FD120 120 minutes

Therefore any glass which you place into a fire door should be resistant to heat. Bespoke Complete Services can specify you a Fire Door or Fire doors specific to your needs according to your circumstances. It is now a legal requirement that any landlord fits fire doors to their properties and that these are regularly maintained.

If you play with fire then you will get burnt”

However, it is much more than that! You are playing with people’s lives and no one can put a price on that. Make sure that fire doors are in place and are maintained.

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Veneered doors supplied to primary school

Bespoke Complete Services had a request for a number of doorsets for a Primary School based in Lydiate, Sefton on Merseyside. However these doors had a special request which we were able to fulfill at ease.

St Thomas’s Primary School needed doors with a difference!

The veneered doors they required needed to have specific vision panels which were D shaped. To go into these D shaped vision panels was a combination of both clear glazing and sandblasted glazing to FR30 & FR60 specifications.

Sandblasted glazing makes the vision panel obscure and you can see this on the project pictures provided.  Other projects that we have carried out on buildings such as hospitals have used sandblasted glazing for privacy on various doors and doorsets.

All of the veneered doors were manufactured in our very own factory with a particleboard construction core to a sever duty rating. The veneer selected was a European Oak veneer, crown cut and the doors were delivered fully factory finished with concealed hardwood lippings.

You may have a request for a non-standard door with non-standard vision panels. No matter how out the ordinary you think your design is then usually Bespoke Complete Services can successfully manufacture it.

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Replace your Veneered Door

Within your business office, shop, workplace or other buildings like schools and hospital veneered doors may become worn down and tatty through general wear and tear caused by continuous usage. It is for this reasoning that it may well be necessary to replace numerous doors.

Bespoke Complete services have a full range of veneered doors available with a fast delivery time so if the clock is ticking and you are struggling to find a supplier then look no further than us for your purpose made doors.

Maybe you have a contract for a large project and another supplier has let you down last minute? Whatever the reason for needing the doors in a hurry do not put your contact in jeopardy. Within some cases we can manufacture and deliver within 48 hours, our vehicles are on standby all that we need now is your order!

Made to measure veneered fire doors can be manufactured so that they are suitable for a number of applications such as non-fire rated, FD30 & FD60 as well as a full range of acoustic doors and doorsets. But furthermore to this we can supply the door readily prepared for ironmongery to be attached, or even attach the ironmongery right here in our purpose built factory.

Supplied either fully finished in superior AC lacquer or supplier in the white for decoration onsite whatever your requirement we can meet it in most cases. Already supplying doors and doorsets to a number of schools, hospitals, healthcare projects, residential and commercial projects to main contactors as well as various construction companies, shop fitters and sub contractors throughout the whole of the UK.

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Veneered Doors by Bespoke

Hot off the press, our first batch of fully finished veneered doors have finally arrived through the UV lacquer line at Bespoke Complete Services Ltd. Pictured here are the American White Oak veneered bespoke sized fire doors from BCSL�s brand new state of the art doorset factory and we are all extremely excited about the opportunities that this will now provide to us & our customers.

The factory which is now in full operation means that at BCS Ltd we can produce high quality, veneered doors in house. The doors, seen here completing the production cycle have been produced for a well known company who have become well known globally. Land Rover UK had specified for these doors to be specifically made for their flagship showroom in Manchester.

We were able to manufacture the doors and then furthermore we were able to actually provide them with a matching reception counter in American White Oak. The counter features a bin facility and inbuilt shelving behind the two opening doors as can be seen within the pictures.

Our new factory and in particular our new pieces of machinery have not only allowed us to manufacture and produce veneered doors such as these but it has literally, pardon the pun! – opened new doors to Bespoke Complete Services Ltd.

Following this success we have actually been awarded with subsequent contracts which include two primary schools, a teaching lab for a North West University, 80 laminate faced doors for Homerton University and another highly prestigious project at a West Midlands Hospital.

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