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Fire Doors Frames & Leaves

Any gaps, such as those between double fire doors, must not be larger than specified by installation instructions and both door and frame must show no distortion between top, frame and stiles. Door leaves with only minor damage may be repaired though any clearly major defects in frame or leaves necessitate immediate replacement.


Cracks in vision panels require that the glass be immediately replaced – this is essential no matter how insignificant the crack may appear to be as smoke and gas can easily penetrate, preventing the fire doorset from achieving its full FD rating. The same is true when beading has become worn and damaged.

Intumescent Seals

Damaged or badly-fitted seals should be replaced with the same kind as in the original specification – if smoke seals require replacing, one continuous length is preferable to fixing piecemeal. Seals that have been exposed to any major rise in temperature need immediate replacement and visual examinations should be regularly carried out.

Opening & Closing

Fire doors should close fully without any binding to the floor – check that this occurs when the door closes from a variety of open widths. The door should not slam and should be closed within 10 seconds when let go from around 90 degrees. Never wedge a fire door open – fire doors with hold-open devices should have this device at the opposite end of the door from the closing device.


Check that all ironmongery fixings are secure and remember that many hinges, locks and closer arms etc. may need lubrication to function correctly. Components must be replaced on a like-for-like basis to ensure consistency and a tell-tale sign of impending failure is dark markings appearing around hinge knuckles. Levers and locks should return fully to horizontal when released.

Safety Signs

These are mandatory (BS 5499 regarding standards for sighting and size of fire door safety signs), to be fitted to every non-domestic fire door at eye level. Any sign which has been removed, damaged or otherwise tampered with must, by law, be immediately replaced to ensure relevant information, such as date of installation and fire rating, is clearly and constantly visible.

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Acoustic Doors – Promoting Healing and Recovery

It has been recognised for a long time that hospital patients subjected to a noisy environment do not recover as well or as quickly as those who enjoy a quieter area. Thankfully, as advances in acoustic door technology continue, more and more patients are benefitting from reduced sound levels.

General daytime sound levels in hospitals have steadily increased throughout the years, leaping from an average of 57dB in 1960 to current levels of around 72dB. When this fact is considered in conjunction with the 85dB level at which ear protection is legally required, it becomes clear that providing peaceful, private areas is absolutely essential to the wellbeing of both patients and staff.

One of the earliest studies into the effects of noise on patients was carried out in 1968 and showed that patients (recovering from surgery to remove cataracts) in noisy environments required far more medication post-surgery than similar patients housed in quiet rooms. Excess noise has been shown to impair sleep and to cause changes in blood pressure and respiration, none of which are helpful in patient recovery.

Noisy environments have also been shown to negatively impact on employee health, morale and productivity, meaning that nurses, doctors and auxiliary staff suffer just as badly. Acoustic doors offer a way to negate the issues and a more structured, comfortable working environment is quickly created and maintained.

Acoustic doorsets from Bespoke Complete Services utilise state-of-the-art design, engineering and manufacturing processes to bring our healthcare customers the most modern, effective solution to excess noise. Incorporating mechanical strength, smoke containment, fire resistance, extra protection and vision panels where necessary, our acoustic doors feature a choice of environmentally-friendly cores which can be veneered to suit any aesthetic scheme.

As with our entire range of fire doors and bespoke doorsets, consistently professional quality is guaranteed when choosing acoustic doors from Bespoke Complete Services. BCS – Promoting health through technology.

Fire Doors Save Care Home Residents

The importance of fire doors is once again made clear with this incident, which could have turned out very differently had they not been installed or had been illegally held open.

The cause of the fire, which began in a tumble dryer at Summerlands Care Home at around 11pm, is now under investigation.

Summerlands Care Home caters to several vulnerable adults, most of whom were able to evacuate the building without assistance. Several adults were rescued by the attending fire crews and two were taken to hospital for treatment due to smoke inhalation.

Jason Boh, who was in his role as Watch Manager of Southsea Fire Station when the fire occurred, said: the incident could have been a lot worse if the fire doors at either end of the corridor leading up to the laundry room had not been firmly secured. He noted that the fire doors had done their job and kept smoke and flames contained within a small area. If they had been open, he added, it could have been much more severe and we could have been looking at fatalities.

The laundry room and corridor were both badly damaged by fire and smoke though, apart from the two cases of mild smoke inhalation, no one was injured. Residents were accommodated in another nearby care home while the blaze was dealt with and fire crews departed at 1:30AM, giving the all clear for residents to be brought back to the building. Elysia Fung, the Deputy Manager at Summerlands Care Home, praised the efforts of emergency staff, saying: We are hugely appreciative of the efforts and help given to us by the fire service and the ambulance service.

Are your fire doors up to scratch? Bespoke Complete Services exist to work in close partnership with your organisation, producing custom fire doorset solutions that are designed to the ultimate standard. To find out more just give us a call. BCS – Protecting Lives with Quality Fire Doors.

Bespoke Fire Doors – Dos and Don’ts

Over 3m fire doors, most fabricated from timber, re installed in the UK every year and fire doorsets from BCS are tested to ensure they meet all of the strict safety and quality standards set out by the industry.

Here are some essential dos and don’ts to think about when installing vital fire doors.

DO choose to work with a certified, experienced supplier for fire doors along with frames, ironmongery and other components. BCS have a long history of achievement and utilise materials and processes of the highest standard to ensure our fire doors are unmatched in quality.

DON’T treat a fire door like an ordinary door – it isn’t. Fire doors are expertly-engineered lifesaving devices and require extreme accuracy to maintain consistent quality levels.

DO check the fire door safety certificate. Make sure all of the information is correct and clearly visible.

DON’T cut vision panels on site. Pre-hung fire doorsets from BCS can be supplied with glazed vision panels cut to any size and shape and secured using our innovative flush beading system.

DO ensure the correct certification is chosen for the door’s intended use. We produce fire doors with ratings of between FD30 and FD120.

DON’T make on site repairs. If a fire door is damaged it should not be simply patched up as its FD rating has become compromised. Never take risks in this way.

DO make sure that all fire door ironmongery is CE marked for quality.

DON’T wedge or prop open fire doors. A survey among fire-risk assessors found that 65% of premises they inspected had wedged-open fire doors – this is an illegal, dangerous practice.

DO take advantage of extra options to create the bespoke fire door. We offer a massive range of paint grade finishes to create veneered doors that can be given extra protective components for high frequency use.

DON’T become a statistic. In a recent review that looked at 100 cases pursued under the Fire Safety Order, inadequate fire doors were the second-highest reason for prosecutions.

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Fire Doors – Essential Factors

As our name suggests, we create bespoke fire doors and bespoke fire doorsets to individual specifications, offering countless combinations of options to provide the perfect solution, every time.

Creating bespoke fire doorsets involves the careful consideration of a number of factors.

Size & Shape

Whether single or double, external or internal, BCS consistently provide bespoke solutions. Supplied pre-assembled and pre-hung to exact customer specifications.

Core Choice

Our fire rated doors are supplied with a choice of solid timber or particleboard core, both of which are certified by the industry to meet acoustic, mechanical and fire-related test standards. Both materials represent a sustainable, environmentally-friendly choice.

Fire Rating

Fire ratings are represented by the letters FD followed by a number which, in turn, represents the minimum amount of time in minutes that the door is designed to withstand fire. BCS supply fire doors to FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 ratings.

We can easily create vision panels of bespoke size and shape to meet any requirements and a range of quality glazing materials is also available.

Extra Protection

We have a range of options available to provide extra protection in vulnerable areas subject to high frequency of use such as hospital doors. Contact our skilled technical team for further advice and information on our heavy-duty fire doors.

Contact BCS today to find out how we can provide your building with safe, attractive and durable fire doors.

Fire Doors and Doorsets – Setting the Standard

Countless lives have been saved since fire doors became a mandatory feature of public building design and workplaces. Although their name suggests they only prevent the spread of fire itself, the first function of fire doorsets in an emergency is help stop creeping, lethal smoke.

Smoke inhalation is one of the biggest threats to survival in the event of a fire; the lack of oxygen quickly causes anyone trapped within to lose consciousness, preventing them from escaping the oncoming flames. Buildings are compartmentalised with fire doors separating the sections to slow down the spread of smoke – but how is this achieved?

Intumescent strips are installed onto fire doors, sealing them once closed and preventing any spread of toxic smoke. Each seal has been carefully installed into pre-cut grooves in the fire doorsets and, in the event of fire, growing temperatures cause the seals cellular structure to expand, completely filling the gap. The door edges become less susceptible to early damage and increase potentially life-saving evacuation time.

Quality testing of such vital doors and components is of course extensive, rigorous and tightly-regulated by British Standards and Certifire. The testing includes recreating as closely as possible the conditions of a real building fire with a number of different factors, such as complete fire door assembly, a variety of frames and all fitted ironmongery, being carefully examined.

Fire doorsets are deemed to have lost their integrity once the door has burned to a point where cracks have formed that flames can pass through or where burning occurs on the unexposed door face; total failure occurs when the fire door collapses completely. The time it takes for total failure to occur forms the FD rating, which is generally set at FD 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Fire doorsets from BCS have been thoroughly tested by an approved Fire Testing Centre and fully certified for quality.

Make sure you comply with the law on Fire Doors – choose BCS for professional, lasting quality. See our work here.

MTX Contracts Choose BCS for Hospital Doors – Project Update

BCS were excited to receive photographs of a newly-completed project in which more than 40 of our bespoke doors and doorsets were used. New Cross Hospital, located in Wolverhampton, is now benefiting from a modern extension to its busy A&E department and, in the words of a spokesperson from the hospital’s management staff, it looks fantastic…well done MTX!. We proudly share these images with you here.

MTX Contracts are a leading engineering and construction company whose focus is on healthcare-based projects. By consistently promoting the use of MMCs (Modern Methods of Construction) and purchasing materials from highly-renowned companies such as BCS, MTX Contracts have successfully built a hugely-impressive reputation for consistent quality and reliability.

Built originally in 1900 as an imposing workhouse, New Cross Hospital opened its doors in 1970. Since then, various additions have been made, including the UK’s first purpose-built centre for specialist heart and lung treatment. With over 700 beds and a staff of more than 5000, New Cross Hospital is the biggest teaching hospital in the West Midlands.

More than 40 bespoke doors were manufactured for the extension project, each built to the impeccable standards for which BCS are known. Our severe-duty particleboard core was faced with laminate and high-impact PVC protection sheets before PVC edge-guards were added.

Vision panels were included in the doors, each was glazed using clear fire rated glass, laminated for extra strength and ease-of-maintenance. Each panel was securely beaded using contrasting beech hardwood cloaking beads utilising our innovative flush-bead system which will help to prevent damage and extend service life.

Before being carefully conveyed to site, the hospital doors were secured in pre-primed, hardwood frames using class 13 satin stainless steel hinges, complete with architraves to facilitate installation.

It was fantastic to receive news that this project has been completed and we would like to congratulate MTX Contracts on the professional job they carried out using bespoke doors from BCS.

Ferry Fire in Greece – Investigation Reveals Shocking Truth

An investigation into the tragic recent fire on a car ferry has revealed that the vessel had been criticised by inspectors just days before it set sail. The ferry’s operator had been given until December 31st to repair the defects but it is currently unclear as to whether any of these concerns had been acted upon when the ship left Greece, heading for Italy, on December 28th 2014.

The car ferry, Norman Atlantic, had almost 500 people on board, most of whom were passengers. Shortly after setting sail, a fire on one of the internal car decks quickly got out of control, the flames and smoke of which forced passengers to flee to outer decks where they were battered by heavy rain and wind. Daring helicopter and lifeboat rescue missions managed to save most of the passengers and crew on board though there are at least 13 recorded fatalities and many people still unaccounted for.

The revelation that the vessel was condemned by inspectors has sent shockwaves throughout the world and it would seem that, in the extremely short time period between the inspection and the ship sailing, the many defects noticed could not have been adequately attended to: these defects included insufficient emergency lighting, life rafts and evacuation methods along with faulty fire doors. The investigation is continuing.

It cannot be stated more simply – fire doors help save lives. UK Law demands that all public buildings and workplaces have clear, effective fire safety regulations in place and fire doors form a key part of these regulations.

Bespoke Complete Services are competent specialists in the manufacture and supply of fire doors to a wide range of organisations from schools, hospitals and churches to hotels, private facilities and commercial and industrial premises.

Happy New Year from BCS!

Everyone at Bespoke Complete Services is looking forward to 2015 and the fresh projects, challenges and successes it is set to bring. The New Year is always a busy time as renovation projects begin or resume in earnest and BCS will continue with our constant commitment to the professional and consistent development, production and supply of bespoke doors and doorsets to a diverse array of building and renovation projects.

We specialise in providing bespoke doors, doorsets and bespoke fire doors of impeccable quality, all of which are officially and independently tested to ensure total compliance with every relevant health & safety specification. Pre-assembled to maximise efficiency and convenience, our bespoke doors and doorsets are quick and easy to install, providing a dramatic saving on labour costs.

The innovative and effective Strebord core that forms the base of our ‘Severe Duty’ rated bespoke doors provides incredible strength, functionality and safety, leading to their being selected for many high-profile construction and renovation projects in educational and medical establishments. We look forward to further improving and developing these doorsets in 2015.

The Safehinge, a patented device which prevents fingers from becoming trapped in doors, continued to grow in popularity throughout 2014 and is set to become even more widespread this year. More than 30,000 injuries, many serious, were reported in 2014 and the Safehinge seeks to reduce this shocking number in 2015.

We would like to wish our customers and staff a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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Bespoke Doorsets Supplied to Nelson & Colne College

Bespoke Complete Services have, in close collaboration with our client Barnfield Construction, produced and delivered in excess of 180 pre-hung doors sets and glazed screens as part of a 20m refurbishment programme at Nelson & Colne College. All of the bespoke fire doors and screens are now installed and fully operational, providing a safe, robust and highly-functional working environment for more than 1,500 full-time and up to 5,000 part-time students from the surrounding areas.

Nelson & Colne College was created in a shake-up of educational establishments in the 1970s and comprised several local sixth form classes. The college, through its growing reputation for success, has continued to increase in size and now offers a full complement of courses from GCSEs to National Diplomas and NVQs, as well as working closely with local businesses to create and monitor apprenticeship and trainee positions.

Barnfield Construction are one of the market-leading contractors offering a full range of construction and refurbishment services. Since 1976, when the company was established, Barnfield Construction have consistently delivered professional quality solutions for commercial, leisure, residential and industrial schemes alike. In order to maintain their impressive reputation, Barnfield Construction work with only the best product and service providers, among which BCS are proud to number.

All of our bespoke doors used in the refurbishment and reconstruction of Nelson & Colne College were created from quality American White Oak before being finished with a professional-grade veneer and coated twice with UV lacquer. Produced to satisfy the requirements of FD30, FD60 and 35dB acoustic performance specifications, many of the doors featured factory-glazed vision panels in a soft- and hardwood FR60 frame system; matching cloaking beads and loose planted stops completed these quality frames.

The bespoke doors were supplied pre-hung on class 13 s/s hinges to facilitate quick, simple and reliable installation. Matching hardwood screens were also provided in order to continue the sleek, modern aesthetic of the new college premises.

BCS were easily able to meet the tough logistical demands of such a large-scale project, ensuring that all doors were delivered exactly as requested and with strict adherence to punctuality. We will remain in contact with the various representatives of the companies and bodies involved with the Nelson & Colne College project, offering our dedicated aftercare service,

For more information on our select range of bespoke acoustic doors, fire doors, veneered doors and other performance doorsets, please call BCS on 01254 777142 or e-mail