Certified Bespoke Fire Doors

The bespoke particleboard core fire doors are a market leader for 44mm FD30 & 54mm FD60 fire rated leaves. The main body meets the industry’s rigorous fire/mechanical and acoustic test standards, and has been subjected to independent third party certification; the highest form of endorsement a product can achieve.

Our doors have a core which also provides a solution to sourcing your sustainable timber products and is both environmentally friendly and highly effective as internal fire doors.

Alternatively, the Bespoke Complete Services solid timber core leaves offer a solid laminated softwood timber main body product designed to fulfil today’s fire safety and security needs. This product is designed for heavy duty applications such as hospitals, schools, colleges and hotels. Also available in 44mm FD30 & 54mm FD60 applications, these products have also passed the rigorous fire/mechanical test standards. It all gives excellent acoustic properties when paired with the relevant frame and sealing details.

A enhanced range of products are available including FD90 & FD120 doorsets, numerous acoustic doorsets and also a range of X-Ray (lead lined) and laser protected doors.

Fire Doors Construction

Bespoke Fire Doors are made up of a fire rated core (particleboard or solid timber) and finished with solid matching hardwood lippings and a face finish of choice. The face finish can be paint grade (primed or in-the-white), real wood veneer, with a choice of 6 standard stock veneers or alternatively over 300+ commercially available veneers, and laminate.

We can offer an array of bespoke fire doors, choices in respect of fire doors rating (FD30 up to FD120), finish (paint grade or veneer) variety of aperture shapes and sizes with a choice of glass type as appropriate for the application, including a variation in the bead type (flush or cloak).