Fire Doors and Doorsets – Setting the Standard

Countless lives have been saved since fire doors became a mandatory feature of public building design and workplaces. Although their name suggests they only prevent the spread of fire itself, the first function of fire doorsets in an emergency is help stop creeping, lethal smoke.

Smoke inhalation is one of the biggest threats to survival in the event of a fire; the lack of oxygen quickly causes anyone trapped within to lose consciousness, preventing them from escaping the oncoming flames. Buildings are compartmentalised with fire doors separating the sections to slow down the spread of smoke – but how is this achieved?

Intumescent strips are installed onto fire doors, sealing them once closed and preventing any spread of toxic smoke. Each seal has been carefully installed into pre-cut grooves in the fire doorsets and, in the event of fire, growing temperatures cause the seals cellular structure to expand, completely filling the gap. The door edges become less susceptible to early damage and increase potentially life-saving evacuation time.

Quality testing of such vital doors and components is of course extensive, rigorous and tightly-regulated by British Standards and Certifire. The testing includes recreating as closely as possible the conditions of a real building fire with a number of different factors, such as complete fire door assembly, a variety of frames and all fitted ironmongery, being carefully examined.

Fire doorsets are deemed to have lost their integrity once the door has burned to a point where cracks have formed that flames can pass through or where burning occurs on the unexposed door face; total failure occurs when the fire door collapses completely. The time it takes for total failure to occur forms the FD rating, which is generally set at FD 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Fire doorsets from BCS have been thoroughly tested by an approved Fire Testing Centre and fully certified for quality.

Make sure you comply with the law on Fire Doors – choose BCS for professional, lasting quality. See our work here.

Hospital Doors

It has been recognised for a long time that hospital patients subjected to a noisy environment do not recover as well or as quickly as those who enjoy a quieter area.

MTX Contracts Choose BCS for Hospital Doors – Project Update

BCS were excited to receive photographs of a newly-completed project in which more than 40 of our bespoke doors and doorsets were used. New Cross Hospital, located in Wolverhampton, is now benefiting from a modern extension to its busy A&E department and, in the words of a spokesperson from the hospital’s management staff, it looks fantastic…well done MTX!. We proudly share these images with you here.

MTX Contracts are a leading engineering and construction company whose focus is on healthcare-based projects. By consistently promoting the use of MMCs (Modern Methods of Construction) and purchasing materials from highly-renowned companies such as BCS, MTX Contracts have successfully built a hugely-impressive reputation for consistent quality and reliability.

Built originally in 1900 as an imposing workhouse, New Cross Hospital opened its doors in 1970. Since then, various additions have been made, including the UK’s first purpose-built centre for specialist heart and lung treatment. With over 700 beds and a staff of more than 5000, New Cross Hospital is the biggest teaching hospital in the West Midlands.

More than 40 bespoke doors were manufactured for the extension project, each built to the impeccable standards for which BCS are known. Our severe-duty particleboard core was faced with laminate and high-impact PVC protection sheets before PVC edge-guards were added.

Vision panels were included in the doors, each was glazed using clear fire rated glass, laminated for extra strength and ease-of-maintenance. Each panel was securely beaded using contrasting beech hardwood cloaking beads utilising our innovative flush-bead system which will help to prevent damage and extend service life.

Before being carefully conveyed to site, the hospital doors were secured in pre-primed, hardwood frames using class 13 satin stainless steel hinges, complete with architraves to facilitate installation.

It was fantastic to receive news that this project has been completed and we would like to congratulate MTX Contracts on the professional job they carried out using bespoke doors from BCS.