Bespoke Doors – Designed to your Unique Requirements

Offering products of authoritative quality at realistic and competitive prices are the two main factors that have combined to form the impressive Bespoke Complete Services reputation. This reputation has led to our bespoke doors and doorsets being chosen for many major projects at world-renowned schools, universities, hospitals and much more, allowing these organisations to meet budget requirements without compromising on quality or safety.

Our range of doorsets is presented on our website in standard sizes and shapes though, as the name of our company so clearly implies, we can create bespoke doors for any application. Whether for high-frequency usage, acoustic protection, fire retardation or a combination of all three, a door can be produced by BCS to the highest quality, health and safety levels.

Many doors require glazed panels for various reasons, to check on hospital patients or to allow natural light into an area, for example. BCS utilise the innovative Lorient FF1 Glazing System which, acting as a seal against intumescence in a manner effective enough to give it an FD30 fire door rating, can be infinitely customised to accommodate any size of bead or glass thickness. With a strong, self-adhesive reverse side making it extremely easy and quick to install, facilitates the simultaneous mitring of bead and seal to give the most professional, uniform finish.

We have included an exciting section on our website which details projects that have been completed with the use of our bespoke doors. Simply-titled Our Work, this section is a visually-absorbing display of how our bespoke doors add charm and elegance combined with unmatched physical performance to a range of buildings. Each picture is accompanied by a short piece of text offering further information such as location and type of bespoke door.

If you need to purchase bespoke doors of superlative quality at the most competitive price, then choose BCS. For more information, call our professional customer service team on 01254 777142 or email

Stepping Hill Hospital Set Opens New Catering Facility

Bespoke Complete services are currently in the process of supplying the doorsets being used in a brand new, state-of-the-art catering facility at a hospital in Stockport. Stepping Hill Hospital, which covers an area with a population of around 350,000 people, will benefit greatly from the new catering block, upon which work is quickly progressing.

Stepping Hill Hospital first opened its doors in 1905 and has been in constant growth and development since then; the hospital is rated highly on national scales for many of its department and also runs one of the biggest orthopaedic clinics in the UK. Stepping Hill was one of the first ten hospitals to be accredited with Foundation Trust status and now employs almost 6,000 staff across the various sectors. The maternity department, which saw the birth of the England (Under 21s) footballer Tom Ince, is one of the most highly-regarded in the country.

As such a large hospital with so many patients, Stepping Hill have decided to invest in the new catering block in order to provide a safer, more efficient and modernised catering facility. This involves choosing doorsets that are of impeccable quality, yet can still be obtained at a price to fit in with the strict budgeting conditions of the establishment. Bespoke Complete Services were the natural choice to provide these doorsets, our combination of high quality and low price being unmatched anywhere else.

Each door, pre-hung in a solid hardwood frame to facilitate installation,  is manufactured using our severe-duty rated core and is faced with an attractive HPL laminate finish to complement the PVC components. The frames are being supplied as a slit-frame/wraparound detail combination and have been completely encapsulated in high-impact 2 mm PVC.

As with all projects we are involved with, we have created bespoke doorsets that are absolutely suited to the job and have custom specifications; in this instance, as the doors are to be used in a hospital, we have worked directly with the Infection Control Team at Stockport NHS Trust to produce surfaces that are easily cleaned and designed to avoid the buildup of bacteria. The exceptionally-durable finish of the bespoke doors means that they will easily stand up to the regular, heavy cleaning they will be subjected to as part of standard hospital infection control regimes.

We look forward to seeing the opening of the new catering block; make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to catch the update!

Chosen by professional establishments all over the UK to provide bespoke doorsets to a wide range of structures, BCS continue to combine superlative quality with competitive pricing. Call us today on 01254 777142 or email to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Acoustic Doors – The Sound of Silence

Although the Greek-derived word acoustic means simply ‘audible’, the study of Acoustic Science takes into account every sound wave, including those which are inaudible to humans such as ultrasound. The science also concerns itself with vibration, applying acoustic principles to solid materials in order to create products such as sound-reducing and totally soundproof doors.

Acoustic doors are used in a diverse and extensive array of environments where the effective control of sound is necessary. These environments range from offices, where ambient noise from other workers and office machinery etc. can lower productivity and interrupt important meetings to schools, colleges and universities, where professional acoustic doorsets will allow students the quiet they need in order to study effectively. Acoustic doors are also often used in areas of shared accommodation to add privacy, in establishments such as hotels, schools and hospitals or other medical facilities.

Certain environments require absolute silence to function correctly; places such as operating theatres, courtrooms, recording studios and academic examination rooms – installing totally soundproof acoustic doorsets is necessary in such cases.

Bespoke Complete Services specialise in providing state-of-the-art professional acoustic doors and doorsets for all of these environments and more. Utilising advanced, optimised manufacturing techniques to process materials of the highest quality, we create doorsets featuring powerful and innovative acoustic seals, offering many years of low-maintenance strength, style usability and durability. As well as guaranteeing the stated level of acoustic protection, our environmentally-friendly solid particleboard or tri-laminate hardwood timber cores at the heart of our acoustic doors also display high fire resistance and smoke-containment qualities.

Our acoustic doors, as with our entire range of professional doorsets, offer total versatility when it comes to constructional and aesthetic choices – check out our selection of high-grade laminates, paint grades and veneers.

Choose Bespoke Complete Services for all of your professional doorset needs – competitive prices teamed with impeccable customer service. Call us on 01254 777142 or email if you need any assistance.