Fire Doors from Bespoke Complete Services

An essential feature required by law in all public buildings and workplaces, the fire door is a lifesaving device. By preventing the spread of flames and smoke, fire doors offer increased evacuation time to people inside the building while keeping the fire contained in a smaller area to facilitate extinguishing. Bespoke Complete Services provide a comprehensive selection of fire doorsets, which include frames and all other necessary components, designed to suit a wide range of applications from schools and universities to hospitals, offices and hotels.

All fire doors in the UK must meet the stringent legal building regulations known as ‘approved documents’ in relation to their fire-resistant qualities, taking into account accessibility, thermal efficiency, acoustic requirements and ventilation. Many are often designed to withstand fire for a particular amount of time and are given an equivalent FD rating (e.g. an FD120 fire-resistant door will offer 120 minutes of protection). Fire doorsets from Bespoke Complete Services have been fully tested and proven to meet or exceed every relevant health, safety and quality standard.

Supplied fully assembled and ready for installation, replacing the traditional and cumbersome process of ordering many disparate parts, our fire-rated doors centre on a particleboard or solid timber core which is layered with a wide choice of laminate, paint-grade and veneer finishes. The doors can also be fitted with glazed panels if required, with a choice of aperture sizes and shapes, glass type and bead style (cloak or flush). Manufactured using sustainable resources, fire-resistant doors from Bespoke Complete Services are guaranteed to be environmentally-friendly as well as extremely cost-effective.

As the name of our company suggests, we specialise in providing bespoke solutions designed to perfectly suit any unique project. Almost every aspect of our service can be personally configured, allowing the ideal doorset to be created no matter what shape or size.

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Fire Doors for Schools and Colleges – Safety and Durability

By providing a strong, durable and effective barrier against fire and maximising the possible amount of evacuation time, fire doors have saved countless lives and are now required by law in public buildings and workplaces. As schools, colleges and workplaces gear up to close for the summer holidays, many of these establishments will be undergoing installation or replacement of a fire-door system and Bespoke Complete Services remain one of the best possible providers of pre-assembled, certified fire doorsets.

‘Approved documents’ contain legal building requirements and designate the building with a numerical fire-resistance level that takes into account a variety of factors including acoustics, ventilation, accessibility and ventilation. The part of the regulations relating to fire doors state that any doorset designed for for-resistance must be tested to ensure its compatibility with the strict specifications of British Standard tests to ensure their safety and efficiency.

The Bespoke Complete Services selection of ready-assembled fire doorsets have been used on thousands of projects around the UK, negating the traditional need to order the many components needed to create quality leaves and frames. Fabricated exactly to bespoke specifications, the doorsets represent excellent cost-effectiveness for on-site door and frame installation.

Each door centres on a fire-rated core of solid timber or particleboard, covered with solid lippings. Onto this core, a wide choice of finishes can be applied from paint and veneers to laminate. Created sustainably to offer a high level of environmental care, our doorsets have received third-party certification, the highest form of endorsement. When used in close conjunction with appropriate sealing and frames, they also offer excellent acoustic properties, perfect for a learning environment.

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