Sonic Solutions – The Acoustic Door

A great number of buildings require effective systems to control and limit the spread of sound within. This is particularly true of working environments such as offices, schools and hospitals, where excessive noise levels have a proven negative impact on staff health, morale and productivity. The installation of high-quality acoustic doorsets is an ideal way to combat the problem of ambient noise inside buildings.

Acoustic doors are used in a wide variety of environments. As well as creating comfortable working environments, acoustic doors offer an increased level of privacy and are therefore perfectly suited for use in hotels and other types of shared accommodation. In some cases, such as with recording studios, courtrooms and operating theatres, complete silence is necessary; totally soundproof doors can be used to ensure this isolation.

The word acoustic derives from Greek and means to hear. Acoustic science, which is being increasingly studied, is the study of all sound waves across the spectrum from ultrasound to vibration. Applying the science to materials has led to the development of incredibly-effective acoustic doors manufactured with ever-improving techniques.

Bespoke Complete Services offer a fully-optimised selection of acoustic doorsets featuring the very latest acoustic seals and created using advanced manufacturing techniques. As well as guaranteed results in terms of sound reduction, our acoustic doors are of superior mechanical durability and strength, display high resistance to fire and feature innovative smoke-containment systems. Independently tested to ensure complete adherence to the strict specifications set out in BS476 Pt.22 for FD applications.

As with all of our doorsets, complete versatility in terms of construction and aesthetic is provided as standard. We offer either a tri-laminate hardwood timber or solid particleboard core, each of which represents an environmentally-friendly choice; the core is then customised to precisely suit its intended application. To complete the door, a diverse selection of veneers and paint grades can then be selected from.

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Fighting Fire, Saving Lives – Bespoke Fire Doors

The fire door is an invention that has saved countless lives. By preventing the spread of smoke and flames, these lifesaving doors are designed to provide a lengthy period of extra time for the occupants of a building to be safely evacuated. Bespoke Complete Services are proud to supply a comprehensive selection of effective fire doors that are guaranteed to meet and exceed the most stringent safety and quality specifications.

Every public building and workspace in the UK must, by law, be installed with the appropriate systems and measures for fire safety. A major part of these specifications includes fire doors which must meet the legal building regulations (approved documents) relating to fire resistance, including elements such as ventilation, accessibility, acoustic requirements and thermal efficiency. Every doorset in our fire-resistant range has been fully tested and deemed fit for purpose to BS/EN 1634 and BS 476 requirements.

The Bespoke Complete Services selection of fire-resistant doorsets is supplied ready-assembled, negating the need for the traditional process of ordering a range of parts. Representing the most efficient and cost-effective method of onsite framing and door-installation, our bespoke doorsets have been selected for many innovative and contemporary projects in schools, offices, residential apartments and luxury hotels.

Our fire-rated doors are supplied with either a solid timber or particleboard core, either of which can be completed with an extensive selection of aesthetically-pleasing laminate, veneer and paint-grade finishes. Created using the most sustainable resources, these doorsets are incredibly environmentally friendly and, with independent third-party certification, have received the best form of endorsement possible in the market and so are clearly the market leading choice.

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Strong, Safe and Stylish – Veneered Doors

Ideal for an astonishingly-diverse array of commercial, private and public building developments, the Bespoke Complete Services range of veneered doors offer the perfect combination of form, function and cost-effectiveness. By teaming traditional craft techniques with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, we create veneered doors are guaranteed to exceed expectations.

The word ‘veneer’ comes from the Old French word fournir, meaning ‘to furnish’. Originally a respected and revered art form developed in Ancient Egypt to beautify furniture, ornaments and sarcophagi, veneering is now a widely-used method of adding strength to building materials such as brick and stone as well as timber.

We supply our veneered doors from stock though bespoke arrangements can be quickly and easily made. There are five standard sizes available in both FD60 and FD30 applications and each door features our innovative, market-leading solid particleboard core. This core has been subjected to intense and rigorous testing; easily passing the acoustic, fire and mechanical standards set out by the highly-regulated industry; the core has also received independent third-party certification which is commonly regarded as the best endorsement any product is able to achieve. The gruelling PAS23 test, which subjects the door to half a million cycles, failed to have any negative impact at all and the results officially confirmed that there was “no evident degradation of the ironmongery fixings”. All materials used in the construction of the doors are sustainably-sourced, making them an incredibly environmentally-friendly choice.

Our veneered doors, as well as displaying highly-effective function, are designed to create a clean, professional and attractive aesthetic. Matching lipping on each edge of the door has been skilfully concealed and there is a choice of six crown-cut veneers, all of which have a beautiful semi-matt lacquered finish.

One of the most popular choices is the Ewood door which, available to buy at an extremely-competitive price and made-to-order on the shortest of lead times, can be supplied in any bespoke shape or size. The Ewood door is available with or without either glazed or non-glazed vision panels, further adding to its versatility.

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