An Essential Extension – Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Highly-regarded construction company MTX Contracts Ltd have recently completed a large-scale extension project. The extension has been built at the Casualty Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn and is set to greatly enhance patients’ experience and go a long way towards allowing the trust to meet national A&E waiting-time targets.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital lies just outside central Kings Lynn and its catchment area covers some 1,500 square kilometres across three counties. This area is home to around 250,000 people and, with over 2400 staff, the hospital is the largest employer in the town. A full range of medical services is provided by Queen Elizabeth Hospital and it features a number of specialist units such as the renowned Macmillan Cancer Care Unit.

Working in close partnership with the Kings Lynn NHS Trust and project managers Aecom, MTX Contracts installed a full modular extension to the A&E department of the hospital. The unit now has four brand new treatment and observation areas along with added office space on the floor above. The official order for the work was received by MTX on November 15th last year and the work was finished soon before the scheduled completion date of March 10th, a total of just 14 weeks with the exclusion of the Christmas break.

The project presented many challenges, particularly caused by the fact that the A&E department remained fully operational during the work. As the family-run MTX Contracts have such a broad scope of experience, however, these challenges were easily overcome by the talented team of contractors.

Part of the specification involved the installation of brand new doors and doorsets that would easily meet and exceed the heavy-duty demands placed upon them in such a busy environment. MTX Contracts chose to source these essential doors from Bespoke Complete Services, based on our impressive reputation for providing quality materials at a competitive price.

MTX Contracts chose to use severe-duty solid particleboard doors which are tested to fully adhere to the specifications set out in BS DD171. Faced with HPL Laminate (from our extensive Formica range) in an attractive shade of maple, the doors feature lipping on all four edges, exposed in high-impact grey PVC. Each door is mounted in a strong, sturdy and durable frame formed from solid Canadian Maple that has been fully lacquered and factory-finished.

Several of the doors used in the new extension feature both standard and privacy vision panels. For these, Bespoke Complete Services used our innovative beading system and unique sleek glaze; as there are no protruding beads, the doors will be far more resistant to damage from the heavy foot traffic and wheelchairs/trolleys which constantly pass through. The flush-fitting system also ensures that bacteria is kept to a minimum, in line with NHS Trust infection control regulations. All of the doors used on the project were fitted with fire discs which fully and clearly detail each door’s fire-rated performance and the dates of the installation.

MTX Contracts were extremely satisfied with the quality of our doorsets and the completed extension is now fully operational. We are proud to have supplied our quality products to such an important project.

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Salford Royal Renovation – Update from BCS

Our involvement with the large-scale renovation work being carried out at Salford Royal continues with the further installation of a number of specially-designed doors and doorsets. Working closely with contractors City Build and RIBA-chartered Day Architectural Design, a highly-regarded and -experienced architectural practice, Bespoke Complete Services have created and adapted several protection strategy solutions for doors in all areas of the large hospital; with a focus on prolonging service-life and thus making substantial savings in repair and replacement work, these doorsets are guaranteed to function to their optimal level for many years to come, easily withstanding and absorbing the regular wear and tear they will be subject to in the busy environment.

Salford Royal stands on the site of the former Hope Hospital, where a medical facility has stood since the year 1882. Rated ‘excellent’ by the Healthcare Commission, one of only 19 hospitals in the country to receive this superlative rating, Salford Royal successfully serves thousands of patients and provides many jobs; the hospital houses a range of world-class research facilities including the state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner.

As they are located in such a busy, populous environment, the hospital’s doors are naturally subject to an extremely high frequency of use. Added to this are the many impacts the doors must withstand such as from trolleys, wheelchairs and sundry medical equipment. Poor-quality doors quickly begin to show signs of this wear and tear, requiring costly and regular maintenance and repair; the doors created and provided by Bespoke Complete Services make use of a range of techniques to ensure they are strong enough to withstand these constant attacks.

Here you can see images of some of the doors already installed. The doors are faced with Formica Calcium New Laminate and feature exposed solid lip on each of their edges. In one image, you can see how we have created a steel corner section routed into the edge of the frame to provide a fully-flush finish; this doorset offers unmatched edge protection from impact and is a design exclusive to Bespoke Complete Services. To further increase the strength and thus life-expectancy of this doorset, high-impact PVC with a thickness of 2mm has been applied to the lower half of the door leaf.

Another image shows a doorset featuring a glazed vision panel. Such panels are commonly secured using ‘hockey-stick’ beading though these inferior beads are unsuitable to high-frequency environments due to their tendency to become separated due to their protrusion. Developed and optimised by Bespoke Complete Services, our glazing beads are designed to fit flush with the surface of the door, meaning that they can never become separated.

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Sound Control – The Science of Acoustics

In many environments, such as schools, hospitals, music studios, hotels and offices, it is important to limit the spread of ambient noise from one area to another. Installing acoustic doors is an effective solution to the problem and Bespoke Complete Services offer a full range designed to perfectly suit your particular requirements.

Particularly in working environments, excess noise can have a dramatic negative impact on productivity levels; countless surveys of students and office workers have proven this fact time and time again. Some environments, such as operating theatres and recording studios, require complete isolation from distracting outside noises in order to function at their optimum level. In these areas, as with almost every aspect of society, the application of acoustic science is present.

Acoustic derives from the Greek verb ἀκούω, which means “to hear” (the Latinised equivalent of the word is sonic). Centring around the study of mechanical waves, including all levels of sound from vibration to ultrasound, acoustic science is continually applied across our daily lives.

At Bespoke Complete Services, we have developed and optimised our acoustic doorsets to the highest level, seamless incorporating state-of-the-art construction techniques and acoustic seals. Guaranteeing a high level of sound reduction, our acoustic doorsets also offer high mechanical strength and durability, smoke containment systems and an excellent resistance to fire. To ensure full peace-of-mind, our doorsets have been fully independently tested to meet the BS476 Pt.22 standard for both FD60 and FD30 applications.

A variety of configurations are available to perfectly met any bespoke requirement. Two different types of core (solid particle board and tri-laminate hardwood timber) can be chosen from, each offering an environmentally choice that can then be customised to requirements. To complete your chosen doors, a choice of paint grades and veneers is available.

As well as noise-reducing doors, Bespoke Complete Services are also expert providers of completely soundproof doors for use in environments where complete silence is required. Call our team today to find our more about these quality doors.

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