Fighting the Flames – Our Certified Doorsets

Fire doors have saved many thousands of lives and, as technology improves, this number happily continues to increase. Preventing the transfer of flames and toxic smoke from one area of a building to the next, these essential structures allow the building’s occupants crucial extra time to evacuate the premises. Bespoke Complete Services are proud to supply a comprehensive selection of fire doors and doorsets featuring state-of-the-art, market-leading technology to offer the very best level of protection.

With regards to any workplace, educational establishment, medical facility or building open to the public, fire doors are not an option; UK laws demand that a full fire safety plan is rigidly upheld in such buildings. This law includes things like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and clear evacuation procedures as well as the inclusion of fire doors within the structure.

A fire door must meet all legal requirements before it is categorised as fit for its intended purpose. These requirements are set out in legal building regulations (‘approved documents’) and, taking into account a number of factors including thermal efficiency, acoustic resistance, accessibility and ventilation, are finally represented as a numerical fire-resisting level. Every fire door manufactured in the UK is required to undergo stringent tests to ensure it adheres to its stated resistance level; these tests include BS (British Standard) 476 and EN164.

Bespoke Complete Services supply a range of pre-assembled doorsets which, as they negate the need to order several separate parts to create frames and leaves, represent an incredibly cost-effective method of purchasing and installation. Our doorsets, which are covered with solid hardwood lippings, can be pre-assembled to any bespoke requirements and are available with a choice of two fire-rated cores to suit different applications.

Fire doors with a particleboard core are the most popular and have quickly grown to be a market leader in this sector. With independent certification from third parties, truly the best form of endorsement, the popularity of these cores is increased due to the fact that they are from sustainable sources and are manufactured in an environmentally-responsible manner.

With the added benefit of exceptional acoustic properties, fire doors with a solid particleboard core are particularly suited to heavy-duty applications such as in hospitals and schools. These doors offer unmatched durability and strength.

To ensure that any aesthetic can be created or matched, Bespoke Complete Services offer a wide selection of finishes to complete our superlative fire doors. Options include a choice of paint grade or laminate and an eclectic collection of 300 diverse veneers.

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The Future of Medicine – Salford Royal

Bespoke Complete Services are currently involved with a large-scale renovation project at Salford Royal hospital. Working closely with a professional architectural practice and building company, we are providing several protection strategies for the doors and doorsets of the important building, providing extended service life and cost-effectiveness.

Salford Royal, formerly known as Hope Hospital, is a teaching hospital that is managed by the NHS Foundation Trust and has strong links with the Universities of both Manchester and Salford. The site has hosted a hospital since 1882 and is one of just 19 hospitals to be rated as ‘excellent’ in its use of resources and service quality out of the 394 inspected by the Healthcare Commission. As well as caring for thousands of patients, the hospital also boasts a number of leading research facilities including the 3T MRI scanner and one of the biggest clinical dermatology centres in the UK.

Bespoke Complete Services have worked with Day Architectural design, a RIBA chartered architectural practice whose directors have more than 100 years of combined experience, to develop a number of protection strategy options for the many doors in Salford Royal. Manchester-based building contractors City Build are also involved with the project.

Hospital doors are subject to extremely frequent usage and can suffer particular wear from the impacts of hospital trolleys, wheelchairs and other equipment. To help negate these damaging effects, we are installing aluminium edge guards on pairs of doors that will absorb the regular impacts and prevent the need for costly, regular repairs.

Commonly, hockey stick beading is used to secure vision panels in doors; the problem with these beads is that they are protruding and can be torn away in areas of heavy traffic, particularly where beds are constantly being moved. Bespoke Complete Services have developed a glazing bead which finishes flush with the door’s surface, completely eliminating the risk of vision panels dislodging from their secure positions. Door frames are also being offered protection by square steel sections on the edge at a similar level, further prolonging the life of the doors and doorsets.

As this work continues, further renovation is in the planning stages. Other parts of the hospital will be receiving similar renovation to their doors and we will also be supplying fully post-formed PVC doorsets to the hospital’s state-of-the-art operating theatres later in the year. We look forward to continuing this project and will continue to share updates.

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