‘Severe Duty’ Doors for Education Facilities

Bespoke Complete Services doors and doorsets are installed at a number of educational establishments around the UK. Safe, durable and attractive, our bespoke doorsets intended for use in such establishments have been extensively tested to ensure they meet and exceed the ‘severe duty’ performance specification outlined in official British Standard (BS) tests.

As part of our commitment to excellence, Bespoke Complete Services continually develop and improve the patented Strebord door core used in our ‘severe duty’ doorsets. In the most recent cyclic tests, the core was found to achieve more than half a million cycles when subject to PAS23 conditions and consistently met all requirements of BS DD171 when repeatedly tested. The Strebord door core was thus awarded ‘severe duty’ status, the maximum that it is possible to achieve.

Offering the maximum levels of safety and protection, these doorsets are suitable for use in all educational facilities from primary and secondary schools and academies through to colleges and universities. As the name of our company rightly suggests, we are not at all limited to standard-sized products and can manufacture doorsets according to any unique requirements.

With state-of-the-art design technology, our doorsets are of the highest possible standard and continue to provide low-maintenance functionality at a number of education facilities including Liverpool John Moores University, Darwen Vale High School, St. Ambrose Manchester, Garstang Academy Bowerham and Rainford Technology College.

Further enhancing the safety of our doorsets is the Safehinge system which, quickly and easily installed, utilises a specialist pivot set and a curved aluminium profile to prevent fingers becoming trapped. In excess of 30,000 children injure their fingers every year in the UK due to the danger; more than 1,000 of these children will subsequently require surgery to correct the damage. The Safehinge seeks to dramatically reduce these alarming numbers.

We offer an express service which allows us to produce bespoke doors and doorsets in as little as 24 hours. The service is available nationwide and offers guaranteed delivery of a wide range of our high-performance doorsets.

For more information about our ‘severe duty’ doors and doorsets, please contact us on 01254 777142 or e-mail info@bcs-l.com.


Bespoke Doorsets – Our Express Service

Bespoke Complete Services recognise that doors and doorsets are sometimes required at extremely short notice. To allow for this eventuality, we are proud to provide an express service that can supply your bespoke order within just 24 hours.

We supply our products to a diverse range of organisations including a large number of hospitals and educational establishments. The unique and ever-changing demands of each organisation often necessitate the quick and simple installation of a variety of doors, a fact which can often cause a problem for less reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Offering guaranteed fabrication and delivery of all bespoke veneered doorsets and joinery, our express service operates nationwide and provides products of the highest possible standard.

A wide range of our doors is available on our express service. This range includes:

  • Doors with FD60 and FD30 fire ratings
  • Acoustic doorsets offering protection of up to 40 decibels
  • Foil-wrapped doors of paint grade
  • Veneered doors; these are fully-finished (two coats semi matt UV lacquer) a choice of over 300 commercial veneers

In line with our strict environmental policy, all timber used in the fabrication of our quality doors has been exclusively sourced from officially-managed forests, ensuring sustainability for the future. Evidence of compliance with all regulations is closely monitored and Bespoke Complete Solutions continue to reduce our own carbon footprint; recent investment in an energy-efficient heating system at our premises has reduced our gas requirement by 70%.

Although this service is fast, there is absolutely no compromise on the quality of all doorsets provided by Bespoke Complete Services; all relevant official health and safety specifications are met and exceeded by our quality range of professional doorsets.

As our service is designed to be bespoke, accommodating the unique needs of each project, our team are always available to quickly offer a competitive quote based on your individual lead time and project requirement.

To find out how Bespoke Complete Services can quickly provide your organisation with a superlative selection of doorsets at an affordable price, please call us today on 01254 777142 or e-mail info@bcs-l.com.

Fire Doors – A Lifesaving Device

Since the first fire-resisting doors were invented, they have saved thousands of lives. By preventing or delaying the spread of fire and smoke from one area to another, fire doors provide vital extra time during which the building’s occupants can be safely evacuated. Bespoke Complete Services are proud suppliers of a comprehensive range of fire doors, which have been extensively tested to ensure they easily meet all health, safety and quality specifications.

The law requires that all workplaces and public buildings in the UK must be fitted with appropriate fire safety measures, part of which includes fire doors. Legal building regulations, known as ‘approved documents’, designate a numerical fire-resistance level to each building, making sure that different factors such as sound, thermal efficiency, ventilation and accessibility are taken into account. All fire-resisting doorsets in the UK must undergo an official test (either BS 476 or BS/EN 1634) before they are deemed fit for purpose.

Our range of fire doorsets, which are ready-assembled, have benefited thousands of construction projects. The traditional concept of ordering the many separate parts required to create door leaves and built-in frames has been made redundant with pre-assembled fire doorsets which, fabricated to exact specifications, represent the most cost-efficient method of on-site frame and door installation. Bespoke Complete Services fire doorsets have been used in a diverse array of projects from schools and offices to apartments and hotels.

Our fire doors consist of a fire-rated core manufactured from either particleboard or solid timber which is covered with solid matching hardwood lippings. To complete the door, an extensive range of face finishes is available which includes laminate, paint grade and a choice of over 300 veneers. A market-leader in the field, particleboard-core fire doors have received the highest possible form of endorsement in the form of independent third-party certification. The reputation of these doors is further enhanced by their highly-sustainable and environmentally-friendly nature.

Designed for strength and durability, solid timber core fire doors are found in hospitals, colleges, hotels and airports around the world. When these fire doors are used in conjunction with the appropriate frames and sealing, they offer remarkable acoustic properties.

For more information on our excellent selection of certified, pre-assembled fire doorsets, please contact 01254 777142 or email info@bcs-l.com.