Can You Put Glass Into a Fire Door?

In the bid to gain more light into a property many people choose to add, replace or modify their internal doors by adding glass to them. This may well be okay in a normal veneered door but can you add glass into a FD30 or FD60 fire door?

Now within our homes there are different requirements to that of a home which we rent from a landlord or a communal flat. In general terms all fire safety information can be found in the Building Regulations. Usually they concern providing a safe escape route in the unfortunate event of a fire.

If we take a communal block of flats then the most important element is to ensure that the main staircase which provides access and also acts as an exit is protected in the unfortunate event of a fire. In addition to this any landings and entrance halls need to be protected; if a fire does break out then any occupants in flats situated above a fire would be able to get out safely when the correct protection is in place.

Any existing fire door can be modified or replaced in order to include a glass panel to allow light. However, this glass panel has to be heat-resistant glass which is mounted within a suitable enclosure.  Fire safety whether within a rented home or one in which you own yourself should never be something which you take lightly.

Fire doors act to bide you more time to escape within the unfortunate event of a fire they act to either be open as an exit route or closed to act as a barrier preventing the fire from spreading.

The British Woodworking Federation Certifire fire door scheme is a major organization which provides our fire ratings. Our FD30 and FD60 fire doors are their fire ratings which are stated in minutes prefixed by FD.

Commonly used specified integrity levels are:

  • FD30 30 minutes
  • FD60 60 minutes
  • FD90 90 minutes
  • FD120 120 minutes

Therefore any glass which you place into a fire door should be resistant to heat. Bespoke Complete Services can specify you a Fire Door or Fire doors specific to your needs according to your circumstances. It is now a legal requirement that any landlord fits fire doors to their properties and that these are regularly maintained.

If you play with fire then you will get burnt”

However, it is much more than that! You are playing with people’s lives and no one can put a price on that. Make sure that fire doors are in place and are maintained.

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Doors and Doorsets for Large Projects

Bespoke Complete Services Ltd is looking to supply any large scale projects with large volumes of doors and doorsets. As a contractor or interior designer you will know how important it is to keep your project running on time. It is annoying when a supplier lets you down; BCS have a full range of doors and doorsets which can be manufactured to meet your specific timescale.

Doors and doorsets are an extremely important feature of any house, building or office. They play a significant role within the overall presentation of the house. As an interior designer or contractor you will know the sheer importance of doors and doorsets but choosing which one is right can often be difficult.

We have a full range of doors and doorsets available to you at Bespoke Complete Services. All of our doors and doorsets are manufactured in our very own factory and should you wish they can be supplied with a range of features because of our door servicing.

Whether it is ironmongery preparation, vision panels which need inserting, Glazing beads and much much more we can do this for you so that the door can be supplied fully serviced for immediate fitting.

We have professional expertise within this industry and so by sitting down with you and discussing your project we can easily work out which will be the best doorsets or door. Our doors are available in a number of finishes and so the hardest part will be choosing which one you want!


Bespoke Complete Services understand that sometimes a non-standard sized door is required. This is no problem, simply provide the measurements for the door and we can have them made at ease.

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Shhh! Acoustic Doorsets from BCS

Within many buildings there is a requirement for acoustic doors and acoustic doorsets to be implemented. Bespoke Complete Services have a range of Acoustic doorsets in both standard sizes and also non-standard sizes too.

Our acoustic doors have been developed to meet acoustic doorset requirements as well as various standards set out in regards to fire performance. Bespoke Complete Services use the very latest acoustic seal within the manufacturing process of creating our acoustic doors.

The use of this seal when combined with the latest construction techniques ensure that high levels of sound reduction, resistance to fire, mechanical strength, durability and the containment of smoke in the event of a fire.

Our acoustic doorsets have been tested extensively in accordance with British Standards requirements and are fully compliant to BS476 part 22 for FD30 and FD60 applications. Therefore our acoustic doors can be used as a general door core where heavier duty performances are needed as a requirement.

If you have a requirement for an acoustic door which will provide you with acoustic performances between Rw.30dB & Rw.41dB (BS EN ISO 717-1:1997) then look no further then Bespoke Complete Services.

Currently we supply our acoustic doorsets with two core types:

  • Environmentally responsible three layer tri-laminate hardwood timber core
  • Environmentally responsible solid particleboard core

You can view the full details on our acoustic door configurations and performance details. Bespoke Complete Services are used to manufacturing large volumes of acoustic doors for use within hospitals, schools, music studios, offices, hotels and many other applications. Our on time solutions mean that if you are a contractor requiring a large number of acoustic doorsets then we can deliver them direct to you onsite.

For more information in regards to our acoustic doors and their configurations and performance details you should contact us on 01254 777142 or email

Interior Doors From BCS

There is hardly anywhere that you can visit where you will not come across an interior door. They are a must have within any building and in some cases interior doors such as fire doors have to be in place as part of a number of regulations.

Although interior doors have a number of features mostly they are in place to provide a division between places and to provide privacy. Veneered doors are a common choice for many who are looking to purchase doors which are to be used internally within a structure.

Bespoke Complete Services provides a valued service to our customers; our high quality services, doors and doorsets are delivered on time. Through listening to our customer requirements we can work out the best and most cost effective solution for their needs and requirements.

Interior veneered doors are used within schools, hospitals, shops, offices as well as for a wide range of other applications. The chosen door is often dependent upon a number of things such as whether or not the doors would need to be specialist performance doors which comply to health and safety concerning fire safety and so a FD30 or FD60 fire door may be the right choice.

For many commercial buildings, doors have to be carefully considered in order to conform to various regulations and guidelines. A door should never been seen as just a door. It is an item which marks the transition between one room or space and another. Therefore a well designed, high quality door from Bespoke Complete Services is just what you need.

Bespoke Complete Services can manufacture your door in a hurry, our delivery vans are ready and waiting they could be with you within 48 hours through our express delivery.

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Veneered doors supplied to primary school

Bespoke Complete Services had a request for a number of doorsets for a Primary School based in Lydiate, Sefton on Merseyside. However these doors had a special request which we were able to fulfill at ease.

St Thomas’s Primary School needed doors with a difference!

The veneered doors they required needed to have specific vision panels which were D shaped. To go into these D shaped vision panels was a combination of both clear glazing and sandblasted glazing to FR30 & FR60 specifications.

Sandblasted glazing makes the vision panel obscure and you can see this on the project pictures provided.  Other projects that we have carried out on buildings such as hospitals have used sandblasted glazing for privacy on various doors and doorsets.

All of the veneered doors were manufactured in our very own factory with a particleboard construction core to a sever duty rating. The veneer selected was a European Oak veneer, crown cut and the doors were delivered fully factory finished with concealed hardwood lippings.

You may have a request for a non-standard door with non-standard vision panels. No matter how out the ordinary you think your design is then usually Bespoke Complete Services can successfully manufacture it.

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