Steamed Beech Doors Supplied to Flagship Hospital

Bespoke Complete Services were approached by our Scotland Distributor, Fyfe & McGrouther in regards to one of his primary customers situated north of the Scottish Border. The project involved the Golden Jubilee Hospital which is based in Clydebank, near to Glasgow.


This is one of Scotland’s flagship hospitals; this is because they are committed to reducing the amount of time that people spend waiting. They receive referrals from all over the country due to their specialist services that they provide.

We were extremely excited to be asked to supply just over 40 doorsets, pre-hung and fully finished Steamed Beech veneered doors in fully finished matching hardwood frames complete with complimentary architraves.

Further to this all of the doors were factory glazed in compliance with DDA standards and manufactured to HTM58 regulations. The project consisted of a range of products including NFR, FD30 & FD60 doorset configurations all fully factory prepped to accept our client’s ironmongery requirements which were then fitted at site.

Bespoke Complete Services also supplied a number of fully finished, matching steamed beech screens. Once again these were factory glazed as detailed in the images.

This wa a particularly challenging project as the lead time from order date to delivery date was just 3 weeks. However, due to our professionalism and hard working team the project was completed to the highest standards and on time!

If you are a hospital, school, business or any other person who has a requirement for a large number of doors within a short space of time then look no further then Bespoke Complete Services.

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Veneered Doors Mark the Entrance

When constructing a building which may be used as school, hospital, shop, offices as well as a wide range of other applications it is important for a contractor or construction company to think about what type of doors they are going to use.

This is often dependent upon a number of things, for example in the majority of commercial buildings the doors would need to be specialist performance doors which comply to health and safety concerning fire safety and so a FD30 or FD60 fire door may be the right choice.

But is it really just a door?

Doors mark the entrance into another room or the transition from one place into another. A well designed door which has been professionally finished off with the correct ironmongery fittings can really stand out making the building look clean and smart.

Bespoke Complete Services can be your main supplier for virtually any construction project; some of our veneered doors are even available on express delivery.

Maybe you have been let down by another door supplier and now with time ticking your contract has been put in jeopardy?

Whatever the reason we can work with you directly and in most cases we can deliver your doors direct to the project within 48 hours. Our vehicles are on standby readily waiting for your order.

Bespoke Complete Services currently manufacture a number of doors and doorsets which we then supply to schools, healthcare projects, residential and commercial projects to main contactors as well as various construction companies, shop fitters and sub contractors throughout the whole of the UK.

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Replace your Veneered Door

Within your business office, shop, workplace or other buildings like schools and hospital veneered doors may become worn down and tatty through general wear and tear caused by continuous usage. It is for this reasoning that it may well be necessary to replace numerous doors.

Bespoke Complete services have a full range of veneered doors available with a fast delivery time so if the clock is ticking and you are struggling to find a supplier then look no further than us for your purpose made doors.

Maybe you have a contract for a large project and another supplier has let you down last minute? Whatever the reason for needing the doors in a hurry do not put your contact in jeopardy. Within some cases we can manufacture and deliver within 48 hours, our vehicles are on standby all that we need now is your order!

Made to measure veneered fire doors can be manufactured so that they are suitable for a number of applications such as non-fire rated, FD30 & FD60 as well as a full range of acoustic doors and doorsets. But furthermore to this we can supply the door readily prepared for ironmongery to be attached, or even attach the ironmongery right here in our purpose built factory.

Supplied either fully finished in superior AC lacquer or supplier in the white for decoration onsite whatever your requirement we can meet it in most cases. Already supplying doors and doorsets to a number of schools, hospitals, healthcare projects, residential and commercial projects to main contactors as well as various construction companies, shop fitters and sub contractors throughout the whole of the UK.

For more information about how we can help you then contact us on 01254 777412 or email