Reddish North Primary School & Children’s centre

A slightly larger project than the other schools that we have manufactured and supplied, Reddish North Primary School and Children’s centre needed a total of 135 Steamed Beech veneered doorsets.

These were all pre-hung in their frames on class 13 s/s hinges, further to this they were 30db acoustic doorsets which were factory fitted in accordance to IS8010 with automatic threshold seals factory fitted.

Within the specification there was a requirement for some of the doors to be fitted with glazed vision panels. Two vision panels were inserted in the door in accordance to DDA standards.

Within the 135 doors there was a range of various applications inclusive of Non Fire rated, FD30 rated and FD60 rated fire doors as well as the acoustic doorsets which have been mentioned above.

The doors which would lead into the classrooms needed to be acoustic doorsets and these were manufactured up to 30db

After ensuring that the doors conformed to the DDA regulations and matched the specification from the customer we pre-prepared the doors for ironmongery. Various preperations were made for latches, locks & flush bolts.

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London’s Cadogan Gardens gets their bespoke doors

Bespoke Complete Services were contacted in regard to a number of doors which were required as part of a 500,000 refurbishment project. The refurbishment was actually a Sheiks apartment and was located within Kensington, London.

We supplied the Cadogan Garden project with a total of twenty six bespoke manufactured, clear softwood feature doors. These were all manufactured within our factory in solid hemlock and featured a four panel design with matching solid timber panels.

The rails and stiles were machined to a Bespoke standard, Ovolo Mould. The doors were then supplied for all rooms including a set of bi-fold doors which were used to separate the dining and sitting room areas of the apartment.

There was then a further 4 sets on complimentary which included matching cupboards for cloaks and service ducts which we also supplied to this project. All the doors were factory primed so that they could be decorated onsite.

The images show the doors going through the various production processes and the M & T construction as well as some images of the final product with its primed coating.

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