Doors Fit For a King!

Well not literally for the King himself, but Christ the King School which is based in Macclesfield had a requirement for a mixture of solid timber core and solid particleboard doors to be put in place and Bespoke Complete Services were the chosen suppliers.

These were chosen from our Bespoke e-wood range which are fully finished, high quality veneered doorsets. The doors chosen were steamed beech veneer L4E and were fully concealed by the face veneer, pre hung in 32mm frames to varying applications.

The applications ranged from NFR to FD30 and FD60 rated as well as many acoustic doorsets in 32rw db and 35rw db. The majority of the doors needed to have vision panels inserted, factory glazed vision panels which were circular in shape were chosen.

The vision panels were supplied glazed with a mixture of clear and sandblasted FR glass and had matching, fully finished solid beech glazing rings, as depicted in the images. All of the doorsets were prepared so that they were ready to accept a range of ironmongery products seen in the imagery. All non-protruding ironmongery was fitted at the factory in order to alleviate costly and time consuming site work.

This overall made it more convenient for the contractors; this particular type of doorset is an ideal solution for demanding environments so its placement within a school was only natural. Having passed the industries rigorous fire, acoustic and mechanical test standards the door received the highest form of endorsement a product can receive, third party certification.

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Specialist Acoustic Doors For University

We had a request for several specialist acoustic doorsets for a project based at Liverpool John Moore�s University, the Byrom Street Site. In total we supplied fifteen doors on this project.

Every one of the doors supplied were finished to our usual professional, high standard. Two of the doors were 65mm thick and were supplied in a pair, 38dBRw specification. The other 6 doors came in a combination of pairs and singles measuring in at 55mm thick doors, 37dBRw.

These six doors were pre-hung in the factory in CND Beech frames and some were inclusive of factory glazed vision panels.

The vision panels were 16mm Pyrobel glass in line with the acoustic evidence for the doorsets. The doors were faced in Polyrey Laminate, Gris Averse G013 to specification, with exposed solid maple lippings on all of the four edges.

A further seven doorsets were requested in the same finish laminate in sizes 44mm and 54mm, the finished thickness to NFR, FD30 & FD60 applications. These doors were once again all pre-hung in matching hardwood frames.

The doors were pre-prepared for ironmongery to be applied with all non-protruding ironmongery factory fitted, which helped save on cost and time spent on site works. On receipt of the doors, everyone was extremely impressed with how they looked and the high standard of them.

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Get Your Groove On!

Are you a person who likes to get your groove on?

The E-Wood Veneered Door with a feature groove is perfect for you, it is not your average plain smooth door. Beautifully handcrafted, this veneered door can be made to measure and comes complete with a grooves which run down the door surface.

The picture shown here is the E-Wood Veneered Door with a feature groove the in the American White Oak finish although there are other options available. The faces of the doors have this feature groove in order to give an FLB effect and they can be produced either with a glazed vision panel or without one.

Furthermore, the doors can be supplied in any application such as FD30 or FD60 fire doors, acoustic versions and NFR.

Bespoke Complete Services can even service the door so that it includes vision panels, letter plate cut out, ironmongery preparation, hinge recession and preparation as well as glazing beads.

These can be applied to any of the E-Wood door range not just the E-Wood Veneered Door with feature groove.

I would like someone to call me about this particular door.

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Emergency! Doorsets

As a legal requirement due to specific building codes, buildings now must be fitted with emergency exits. These have to be made in accordance to specific requirements laid out in these codes which include number of doors and specific sizes.

An emergency exit is a special door used for exiting a building in an emergency such as a fire. They allow for faster evacuation and without them we would see a lot more fatalities. In most cases normal routes of exit become blocked and thus the emergency exits provide an escape route.

Bespoke Complete Services can design and manufacture emergency exits which will meet the legal requirements set out and ultimately can prove life saving within an emergency situation.

Our emergency escape doorsets come complete with a push pad or panic bar emergency release mechanism that allow quick release when an emergency occurs & panic ensues and simple things like opening a door become impossible.

Through using panic release bars or push pad then it means people just have to simply apply force to this and the door will open. These doors can be completed in just 7days and supplied either in white for on-site decoration or can be fully finished to any RAL colour.

Specifically located emergency exits have to be clearly marked with exit signs throughout the building leading to this exit.

Real life cases, inclusive of the attacks on the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001 some of the emergency exits were inaccessible others were locked! Furthermore the well known incident of the Station Nightclub where they filled it over capacity and a fire broke out, the emergency exit swung inwards and not outwards as the code required!

Only an amateur or a cowboy would make these mistakes, it is not that but you are putting people’s lives in danger. For a professional emergency exit which will be manufactured and fitted correctly then contact the professionals.

Our prices are extremely competitive  after all who can put a price tag on life?

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Bespoke Timber Screens

Timber screens by Bespoke in hardwood and softwood & MDF.

Any type of timber screen can be produced by Bespoke Complete Services. We are able to manufacture any size timber screen for your specific requirements and needs.

When completed the screens really do look professional and extremely smart. The minimum frame depth is 32mm and this is a usual requirement however, any frame depth and thickness can be accommodated so that any criteria needed are met.

Our timber frames and timber screens can be manufactured and supplied simply on their own without glass or we can offer them with an option on loose glass & also a fully factory glazed version.

The timber screens can really make the difference to say a function venue, making it easily accessible by those using it. Glass can be frosted to allow restricted visibility or completely clear for full visibility into the room.

Large wall depths can be accommodated easily through extension linings, screens can be manufactured as a lining and thus additional loose planted stop, a one piece rebated frame of a split frame.

Take a look at some of our completed projects where a Bespoke timber screen was implemented:

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