Bespoke Door Servicing

Did you know that in addition to providing you with high quality veneered doors, fire doors and acoustic doorsets we also provide servicing options to our entire Bespoke Ewood door leaves as well as Flamebreak and Blankfort door blanks.

We have the ability to be able to undertake the following processes at our factory using advanced equipment which leads to accurate results and meets the individual requirements of regulations and assessments which are required globally.

  • Vision Panel Service

Vision panels can be inserted into any door or door blank from the Bespoke range of products. Two type of vision panel bead are available including te traditional ‘cloak’ type bead oe alternatively a ‘flush’ or ‘quirk’ type bead. Both bead types are available in paint grade and any matching hardwood fully finished. Doors can also be factory glazed in all applications including NFR, FD30 & FD60.


  • Ironmongery Preparation

Preparing a door for ironmongery is something which can be easily carried out in our factory at Bespoke Complete Services. Door blanks can be cut out in order for a lock or latch, letter plate, flush bolts, air transfer grills etc. A fitting service for these items is also available if required. These services eliminate costly and time consuming works at site.


Allowing this work to be done under factory conditions and prior to delivery to site or our customers minimises or alleviates costly on-site servicing or servicing at home, saving you time and money. For more information or call our sales team on 01254 777142, you can also email us at

Veneered Doors by Bespoke

Hot off the press, our first batch of fully finished veneered doors have finally arrived through the UV lacquer line at Bespoke Complete Services Ltd. Pictured here are the American White Oak veneered bespoke sized fire doors from BCSL�s brand new state of the art doorset factory and we are all extremely excited about the opportunities that this will now provide to us & our customers.

The factory which is now in full operation means that at BCS Ltd we can produce high quality, veneered doors in house. The doors, seen here completing the production cycle have been produced for a well known company who have become well known globally. Land Rover UK had specified for these doors to be specifically made for their flagship showroom in Manchester.

We were able to manufacture the doors and then furthermore we were able to actually provide them with a matching reception counter in American White Oak. The counter features a bin facility and inbuilt shelving behind the two opening doors as can be seen within the pictures.

Our new factory and in particular our new pieces of machinery have not only allowed us to manufacture and produce veneered doors such as these but it has literally, pardon the pun! – opened new doors to Bespoke Complete Services Ltd.

Following this success we have actually been awarded with subsequent contracts which include two primary schools, a teaching lab for a North West University, 80 laminate faced doors for Homerton University and another highly prestigious project at a West Midlands Hospital.

For more information about Bespoke Complete Services and our veneered doors as well as our acoustic doorsets and fire doors then why not contact our sales team on 01254 777142 or email

Need Your Bespoke Veneered Fire Door in a Hurry?

The clock is ticking and you are struggling to find someone to supply you with Bespoke, purpose made doors?

If your need for fire doors, veneered doors or acoustic doors is urgent then there is no need to worry about putting your contract in jeopardy. Bespoke Complete Services Ltd can offer you a reliable solution to your problem.

Express Fire doors from Bespoke can be delivered to your project in double quick time, within 48 hours in some cases. With vehicles on standby we are waiting to deliver your order.

We are able to manufacture your made to measure veneer fire doors in a number of applications including Non-Fire rated, FD30 & FD60 inclusive of acoustic doors and doorsets with and without glazed vision panels.

Our doors can be supplied fully finished in a superior AC lacquer or can even be supplied in the white for onsite decoration and painting to take place. With a full range of commercial veneers in stock, American & European Oak, Steamed Beech, American Ash, Black Walnut, Cherry, Sapele, Koto & primed paint grade the choice is endless. Not to mention that there are lots of other species available too.

Bespoke Complete Services currently manufacture a number of doors and doorsets which we then supply to schools, healthcare projects, residential and commercial projects to main contactors as well as various construction companies, shop fitters and sub contractors throughout the whole of the UK.

Why not take a look at our latest news for completed projects and information or call our sales team on 01254 777142. Get yourself an estimate and find out when we can deliver, you can also email us

Bespoke Complete Services Are Environmentally Friendly

Bespoke Complete Services are a leading door and joinery manufacturer who provide value added complete doorsets and services to our customers throughout the order, manufacture and fitting process. But behind the raw wood, the doors, the door frames there is a heart and we care about where our wood comes from and therefore have a strict environmental policy.So much so we are striving for FSC status and accreditation and are hoping to secure this during the course of Summer 2011.

Forests around the world are put into crisis through illegal logging, but not only that deforestation illegally are causing changes to our ecosystem in which we all heavily rely upon in a day to day basis. There is a need for wood for various applications within our society, but there is a right way to source it.

Bespoke Complete Services are dedicated to recognising our responsibility. As one of the industry sectors that heavily rely on the wood, the timber that we use, provided to us from our trees is always sourced from legal and well maintained forests.

We actually can provide evidence to prove that our suppliers are compliant and are operating in accordance with the laws of their particular country. Bespoke Complete Services condemns illegal logging practices and are very much aware of any changes within international legislation regarding the source of timber.

Timber is the most environmentally friendly construction material and within our factory we actually have an energy efficient wood burning boiler and heating system where we effectively burn any waste wood and this then works to provide heat to the factory floor.

We are self sufficient and have reduced gas fuel requirement for our offices and factory by a massive 70% so you can rest assured that if the environment is something that concerns you there are still companies out there who care too!

Take a look at our full range of products which are completely environmentally friendly. We are experts in Fire Doors, Acoustic Doorsets, Veneered Doors,Paint Grade Doors, MDF doorsets and Performance Doorsets.

For more information about our environmental policy and what we can do for you then contact us.