Yet another success!

Bespoke Complete Services recently completed a contract which involved supplying a total of 35 doors and post formed IPS panels to a project at The Countess of Chester Hospital. These were for two temporary operating theatres that the hospital currently has a need for.

The hospital which, is situated on the outskirts of the City of Chester currently provides a range of medical services which cover the area of Western Cheshire and even North Wales.

The doorsets supplied where in fact from the BCS-L E-Wood range of doors. They consisted of a 3 layered particleboard core with an Alpino white laminate facing to both sides.

The doors were further edged on all 4 sides with 10mm exposed lippings in solid maple. The factory fitted glazed vision panels contained a sandblasted glass design with a 80mm diameter �peep hole� which is shown in the pictures on the right hand side of this article.

The glass was fixed in a solid maple cloak beading system in FF1 FD30 glazing material. The complimentary ironmongery included aluminum kick plates & push plates as well as pull handles and over head door closers which were once again factory fitted. Further to this FD30 fire discs were also factory fitted and recessed into the face of the door leaves in order to meet the HTM58 requirements.

The door frames were manufactured in solid hardwood (sapele) & included factory fitted  intumescent smoke seals and were fully primed with matching hardwood architraves to both faces.

Having the ironmongery factory fitted saved a lot of time and more importantly reduced the cost on site labour.This was yet another successful job carried out to the highest of standards by Bespoke Complete Services Limited.

Completion of two manufacturing jobs

Bespoke Complete Services are pleased to announce the completion of two manufacturing jobs as part of a project at a hospital in the East Midlands.

The hospital, Leicester General, is a National Health Service hospital located in Evington. We successfully supplied a number of meter cupboards; they have been manufactured in MR MDF with a  Polrey Laminate face & edgings with an incorporated dual locking mechanism. They will be fitted into the theatre wards and used to store medicines and more importantly medical equipment.

These are extremely important and have been designed for a specific purpose. The work was carried out to an extremely high standard as always with Bespoke Complete Services and supplied to to our client MTX, who undertook the fit out of the project. A brilliant job was carried out and everyone was pleased with the results that were achieved.

In addition to the cupboards that were supplied at the hospital we also manufactured a number of Laminate faced doorsets for a design & build project of a single storey 4000 sq.ft Modular Operating Theatre at the same facility. A number of variations of doorsets where supplied including singles, pairs with and without glazed vision panles, in pre-hung dorsets in both FD30 & FD60 applications.

We selected the doors from the E-wood range of door products. Then using a solid particle board construction core with a density of 620kgm3 & providing a fire performance of both FD30 (44mm core) and FD60 (54mm core) we ensured that each door was made to the highest standard.

The Polyrey Bleu Ocean Laminate FD30 doors had solid maple exposed lipping with a matching solid maple cloak glazing beads applied to the vision panels.

These vision panels were then glazed with 7mm Pyrodur FD30 rated glass in Pyroglaze 30 glazing system. This added the finishing touches to the door and once again we manufactured & supplied and then our client MTX undertook the installation & fit out.

All in all both tasks proved successful and we are proud of the high quality work we carried out and results that were achieved for Leicester General Hospital.

Christmas at Bespoke Complete Services

Bespoke Complete Services would like to advise customers of our opening times in regards to this year�s festive period so as not to cause any inconvenience to yourselves.

We will be finishing work on Tuesday 21st December 2010 at 5pm where we will all be wishing one another a Merry Christmas and hoping that Santa Claus pays us all a visit at our homes this Christmas!

We are lucky enough to have arranged our annual Christmas Party and we will be going to the Comedy Store in Manchester, taking with us every member of our treasured staff as well as 5 of our regular customers.

We will be doing this as a closure to the year of hard work that we have had and also a chance to celebrate our successes with those who we spent our time busy working with not to mention toasting this season and its festivities.

The Comedy Store, will be holding the Best of Stand Up on this particular date with names such as Jason Cook, Chris McCausland, Jason John Whitehead, Hal Cruttenden and Adam Bloom and is sure to be a good night for everyone to enjoy outside the working hours!

We therefore would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from everyone here and an extremely Happy New Year!

We will not be re-opening Bespoke Complete Services until Wednesday 5th January 2011 at 8am. When hopefully, fingers crossed, we will have all recovered from the hustle and bustle of Christmas and be feeling fresh ready to take on what 2011 has to offer to us.

Bespoke look forward to seeing you in the New Year 2011 and to provide you with the high standard of service that we pride ourselves upon.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!