Customer Testimonial

MTX Contracts Ltd, a market leader in providing fast track healthcare facilities insists on using the very highest quality materials and equipment on all projects.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bespoke Complete Services Ltd who have been an integral and vital part of our supply chain for many years now, providing quality doors and furniture befitting of both the private and public healthcare facilities and to the highest standards expected.  Bespoke Complete Services Ltd are a fast acting, efficient company who provide the very best doors and furniture to exceptional standards.  Bespoke Complete Services Ltd have also assisted us on more than one occasion in achieving tight deadlines where a quick turnaround of equipment has been crucial to the overall success of the project and can only thank you for your recent hard work and efforts that went into the project at North Tyneside General Hospital, which has been a resounding success for our client.

It is also noted that as costs are always at the forefront and a driving force when looking at any project, Bespoke complete Services Ltd have almost always provided more competitive costs with shorter lead times, compared to that of other market leaders. This has been a huge contributing factor when compiling our tender submission, keeping costs down whilst maintaining a high specification.

As MTX Contracts Ltd and Bespoke Complete Services Ltd have also built up a close working relationship with the management and staff, which naturally opens up communication lines when dealing with site specific items that have the potential for misinterpretation and error, this service has been hugely advantageous to us and we can only thank Lee McMahon and all the staff at Bespoke Complete Services Ltd for their hard work and continued attention to detail.

Heatherwood Hospital

Bespoke Doorsets

Bespoke have completed the supply of a number of bespoke manufactured Laminate faced fire doors for up grading work at Heatherwood Hospital in Berkshire.

Pearl White Laminate Face doorsets

The doorsets consisted of a Pearl White Laminate face on a solid timber core. The severe duty rated doors where supplied with 10mm exposed hardwood lippings on all four edges in arrange of specifications form NFR to FD60 rated and with glazed vision panels with matching hardwood cloaking beads. The frames were made form solid steamed beech hardwood and fully finished. The project, including 21 doorsets was supplied over a 4 week period on time, to budget and complete client satisfaction.

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