BCS-L Provide Doorsets to Leicester Hospital

Bespoke Complete Services LTD is currently supplying over 100 doorsets to the Leicester General hospital for a new theatre and upgrades to an existing theatre complex. The order consists of a range of doorsets from non-fire rated up to and including FD60 fire rated Fire Doors.

In addition to the Fire doors BCS-L are also supplying a large number of Lead lined X-Ray doorsets for the radio therapy rooms. This type of doorset is commonly used in hospitals in order to shield people from the harmful effects of x-rays. They are also used in dental surgeries & animal health clinics.

X-rays cause what is known as Ionizing radiation. This consists of subatomic particles or electromagnetic waves that are energetic enough to detach electrons from atoms or molecules; this is obviously harmful to your health as it disrupts the cells of the body. Medical Facilities use these as the medical benefits far outweigh the harmful effects. It Is in the best interests of all hodoorsets-2-(page-picture)spital staff to minimize their exposure. Bcs-L Manufacture a lead lined door which reduces exposure and helps to keep  the work place much safer for Doctors, Nurse and Patients. The Lead lined doors for the hospital will be specifieddoorsets-4-(library-picture) & used in X-ray rooms, CT scan rooms & radio therapy rooms.

The doorsets on this particular project are 2.25mm code 5 lead lined with tropical blue laminate faces. The vision panels are constructed with x-ray glass in hardwood lined cloaking beads.

Bcs-L are expected to Have the Project Completed By August of this year

Bespoke Complete Services , are suppliers and manufacturers of Doorsets, Fire Doors, and Acoustic Doorsets. They are a leading Joinery Manufacturer. BCS-L provides value-added Complete Door Services to customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the order, fitting and manufacture process.

Bespoke Complete Services Ltd provide Doorsets to Darwen St John Ambulance Group

Bespoke Complete Services Ltd is one of fifteen firms who have rallied round to stop Darwen’s rotting St John Ambulance station from falling down. Bespoke have provided a number of doorsets to the group for the refurbishment of the unit which was seriously dilapidated.

The St John Ambulance group which is located on George St in Darwen, Lancashire was in big trouble as they faced moving and losing members because there was no money available to pay for the much needed repairs. The wooden building was in such disarray that some feared the building could fall down at any moment. The St John Ambulance has been providing meetings and training at the venue for child and adult volunteers since 1964 and would be a huge loss for the community if no help was received.

St John Ambulance were Determined that the station should stay in Darwen, so they sent out their members to ask for help from local businesses, and have been overwhelmed by the generosity after materials worth thousands were given for free. To show their appreciation the group intends to hold an Open Day in the near future and will extend invitations to all who have contributed as special guests.

Bespoke Complete Services is a leading Joinery Manufacturer and provide value-added Complete Door Services to their customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the order, fitting and manufacture process. Bespoke are manufacturers and suppliers of Doorsets, Fire doorsand Acoustic Doorsets.