School Project nears completion

Another school project with Bespoke doorsets is near to completion.

A total of 255 doorsets have been supplied in Steamed Beech veneer and paint grade finish in a number of applications.

The project consisted of NFR, FD30 & FD60 rated doorsets with varying acoustic requirements of up to 38dB. The doors were a solid particleboard core with concealed lipping on all 4 edges over veneered. Vision panels were inserted and glazed with clear Pyroshield glass and all leaves were prepared in the factory to accept a range of ironmongery as detailed in the illustrations.

The doors have been pre-hung in the factory on class 13 hinges in un-sorted redwood & sapele frames and all factory primed.

For further information on these products please contact the estimating department on 01254 777142.